Doritos Launches New Baja Blast-Inspired Chips

Top-down closeup of orange Doritos chips
Top-down closeup of orange Doritos chips - Studio Light and Shade/Shutterstock

In a move that seems destined to break the internet -- at least the food industry internet -- Mountain Dew and Frito-Lay, two companies that know a thing or two about stunt marketing, have announced the launch of a new flavor of Doritos inspired by the soft drink Baja Blast. In case you haven't been in a Taco Bell in the last two decades, Baja Blast is a custom "tropical lime" flavored Mountain Dew variant that was exclusive to the restaurant until this year, when it hit grocery store shelves to celebrate its big 20th anniversary.

That's also the impetus behind Frito-Lay's newest offering, Doritos Baja Fiery Mango. As one might surmise from the name, the corn chips aren't a one-to-one facsimile of the soft drink's flavor. Rather, the taste and general feel of Baja Blast was the jumping-off point for creating a chip that remains true to the Doritos brand while capturing some of the energy of Taco Bell's signature beverage.

In addition to being dusted with Baja Blast's tropical lime essence, sweet mango is paired with the heat of habanero peppers for the chips, a nod to a classic flavor combination that is found on menus (and makes for a killer hot sauce). The chips will hit select stores on April 14, 2024, followed by a nationwide rollout on April 28, but get them while they're here because this is a limited run for what Mountain Dew is calling the "Bajaversary."

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Doritos Loves To Get Sweet And Spicy

A pile of Doritos chips on a white background
A pile of Doritos chips on a white background - Phalexaviles/Shutterstock

While Baja Blast-inspired Doritos are clearly meant to catch the eye and make people question how the two disparate foodstuffs could possibly be paired, the move isn't all that odd for Frito-Lay. The company has consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to flavor innovation and combinations, both at home and abroad. Doritos Japan boasts such flavors as Gourmet Sausage and Hokkaido Camembert Cheese. Stateside, Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger and Collisions Hot Wings Blue Cheese are very real types of Doritos. And the company has never been afraid to turn up the heat, with flavors like 3rd Degree Burn Scorchin' Habanero and Tapatío.

In fact, Frito-Lay introduced four new original Doritos flavors -- all part of the Dinamita line of rolled and corn stick style chips -- in January 2024 that speak to consumers' current desire for sweet, spicy, and piquant elements in foods and beverages. Joining the original Dinamita Chile Limón are the cheesy Flamin' Hot Queso, sharp and sweet Hot Honey Mustard, Smoky Chile Queso, and Tangy Fiery Lime. Similarly, in 2022, Doritos rolled out another flavor featuring an ingredient familiar to Latin cuisine with its Tangy Tamarind chips.

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