Doritos Has a New Chip Flavor That’s Only Available at Walmart

But it's an extra-hot mystery.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

There are some R&D teams out there that seem like they just don’t take a second to relax. Between Oreo, Hostess, and Frito-Lay, it feels like we have a new product rolling out to shelves every few days. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll never complain about a new Doritos flavor, we just hope those brilliant minds are using up their PTO, too.

Shortly after we learned about the new Kroger-exclusive Doritos Late Night Sizzlin’ Cheeseburger chips, we discovered there's another new Doritos flavor launching soon—but, this time, only at Walmart.

The new Doritos will join the robust “Flamin’ Hot” line, which currently includes Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch, Flamin’ Hot Nacho, and Flamin’ Hot Limón, but with a fun twist: we don’t actually know what the flavor is. That’s because Doritos is launching its first-ever Flamin' Hot Mystery Flavor.



Doritos is rolling out a new mystery-flavored Flamin’ Hot corn chip at Walmart stores nationwide this week. While we don’t know its exact flavor, we do know the chip will be coated in the iconic Flamin’ Hot dusting—made famous by Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

There has been little speculation online about what the flavor could be. However, if the Mystery flavor follows the same Flamin’ Hot template, it’s likely that Doritos is turning another one of its fan-favorite flavors into a Flamin’ Hot varietal. Maybe it’s Flamin’ Hot BBQ or an even spicier version of the Spicy Sweet Chili chip.

You really won’t know until you try the chips, which will hit Walmart shelves on April 29. The Walmart-exclusive chips are launching as part of its April Early Access event, which gives Walmart+ members a full 24 hours to peruse new, limited-time, and exclusive Walmart products before the rest of its customers. After the online-only access event, the chips will likely hit Walmart store shelves around April 30.

We’re not sure when Doritos might announce what the true flavor is. It was months before we learned that the three Doritos Jacked mystery flavors released in 2014 were actually Spicy Street Taco, Chocolate Chipotle Bacon, and Caribbean Citrus Jack. However, that was more of a flavor test to determine which one to bring to shelves, and these chips are already in markets—so we don’t know what to expect.

Maybe Doritos won’t tell us the flavor until after the chips’ limited-time run is over—and who's to say when that might be.

What we do know for sure is that we’re incredibly intrigued by the new flavor and can’t wait to head to Walmart for a bag ASAP.

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