Don't Toss Leftover Ramen Broth. Make Instant Mashed Potatoes Instead

Ramen broth
Ramen broth - Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

On their own, noodles don't have the most enticing flavor. When cooking, the starch in the noodles absorbs the water, giving them a wonderful al dente texture. However, plain water doesn't add much pizzazz. That's why the broth of ramen noodles is so exciting. It gives you a meal with a robust flavor that engages your taste buds and gets them dancing for joy. As yummy as that savory stock is, you don't really want to drink a glass of it after you finish your noodles, so many people toss that leftover broth away.

That is a big mistake. Flavor shouldn't be disposable. If you like something, repurpose it. For example, after you finish your favorite flavor of ramen noodles, use that leftover broth to make another dish taste better. For instance, using ramen broth instead of water adds a new dimension to instant potatoes. Plus, it gives you more to eat. Often, that cup of noodles doesn't satisfy you. With this trick, you get two meals in one: a cup of noodles and a cup of potatoes, and both are bursting with the savory flavor you crave.

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Other Creative Uses For Leftover Ramen Broth

Ramen broth mixed with other foods
Ramen broth mixed with other foods - Bloomberg/Getty Images

There are many ways to preserve all that glorious flavor. The first and easiest is to use it as a dipping sauce for sandwiches. In other words, use that leftover flavor as a substitute for au jus. Whether you want to add something extra to your roast beef on a Kaiser roll or dip your bread, hot ramen broth is an excellent option.

Another strategy is to concentrate that flavor by boiling it over high heat until about half a cup has evaporated. By doing this, you still have all the flavor but less water. Now that your broth is more potent, you can use it as a sauce. Drizzling it over a plate of your favorite hot vegetables is one option. However, if you prefer chilled greens, ramen broth can serve quite well as a salad dressing.

To get really creative, heat butter and flour to make a paste. Then, when you add your leftover broth and simmer on low, it turns into a delicious gravy. This gives your broth new life, letting you add it to meat, rice, potatoes, or nearly anything you like to get that wonderful umami flavor.

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