Donna Kelce Explains Why She and Daughter-in-Law Kylie Are 'Very Similar'

L: Kylie Kelce, R: Donna Kelce

Donna Kelce is opening up about her close relationship with son Jason Kelce's wife Kylie.

The Kelce family matriarch revealed that she was a fan of her daughter-in-law from the start, especially after discovering the two shared a penchant for women's sports and other "really fun things."

The lovingly dubbed Mama Kelce delved into her bond with Kylie, a former field hockey player, in a new interview with Us Weekly, where she shared that the two eventually came to realize that they're "very similar" to one another.

“We’re just very similar in our likes and dislikes and how we feel about the world and everything that goes on in the United States,” she continued. “So yeah, we pretty much have the same temperature when it comes to what’s going on.”

That includes hosting their family and friends, despite Donna being used to just the four of them—Jason, brother Travis Kelce, and ex-husband Ed Kelce—while Kylie is more "used to entertaining" a larger crowd in her extended family. “She is just one of those individuals that takes everything onto herself. She doesn’t need any help,” Donna added.

While Donna has remained fairly tight-lipped about her relationship with Travis' girlfriend, Taylor Swift, we happen to know that they also share a love of entertaining their loved ones, if Swift's history of secret sessions—where she hosts intimate groups of fans to hear her music before anyone else, featuring homemade cookies and other goodies—friend-filled Fourth of July parties and more are anything to go by.

We certainly can't wait to hear more about their common interests someday!

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