Domino's 'secret menu' trick unlocks new pizza: 'Amazing'

If you don’t get enough of a sausage sizzle hit from visiting your local Bunnings on a Saturday morning, then Domino’s have created a new pizza so you can get the Aussie classic combo any time of the day.

Enter the sausage sizzle pizza, which is only available for a limited time from Monday January 25th.

Domino's Sausage Sizzle pizza
Domino's is releasing a sausage sizzle pizza. Photo: Domino's

But if you’re just itching to get your hands on the delight now, then Domino’s have shared a hack for their app which unlocks a secret menu, meaning you can taste it now.

Domino's secret menu
There's a 'secret menu' on the Domino's app. Photo: TikTok/Domino's
Domino's pizza VIP access app
It unlocks 'VIP access'. Photo: TikTok/Domino's

In a TikTok video, the fast food chain reveals that you need to scroll down to the bottom of the main page on the app and click on the Dominos menu.

That brings up the sausage sizzle pizza, which features BBQ beef sausage, grilled onion and mozzarella. It’s also topped with tomato sauce and mustard and is $7.95 if you pick up or $15 with Domino’s Any Pizza Delivered deal.

People online couldn’t believe the hack, with one person writing: “That’s amazing.”

Others were so sure of the combination, with one person saying: “That sounds revolting”.

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