Dolly Parton's Cheerleading Outfit Is Going Viral Because It Made Some People Upset Over Its "Appropriateness"

Dolly Parton's new album Rockstar came out this week, and it's the highest-charting album of her ENTIRE career!

Closeup of Dolly Parton smiling on the red carpet
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She's been out and about promoting the project, and over the weekend, the 77-year-old icon/legend performed at a Dallas Cowboys football game.

Dolly Parton onstage wearing a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit
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She looked incredible.

Closeup of Dolly Parton onstage
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It was very much giving Britney Spears at the 2000 VMAs.

Dolly Parton onstage
Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images, Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Most people loved it.

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But some man is going viral for asking if it's appropriate for a 77-year-old to dress like a 20-year-old.

Twitter: @LangmanVince

Another conservative account went viral for asking a similar question if we should "normalize" this "behavior."

Which, like, uhhhhhh?!

GIF of a woman sitting on a chair with a drink in her hand

As this person said, "Dolly Parton could murder three people in front of me and I wouldn't care."

Twitter: @TheDrunkJake

Basically, everyone went the hell off.

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This person said if they looked like that, they'd wear it to the grocery store.

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This person said she's the closest thing we have to royalty, and therefore can do whatever she wants.

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And this person said, "People need to stop acting like growing old means you have to stop having fun."

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Even Dolly's little sister chimed in with a go "fuck yourself."

Twitter: @StellaParton

Ultimately, I guess the outfit worked because now we're all talking about her new album, AND it went number one!

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