Dolly Parton fans in hysterics after singer jokes about threesome with Garth Brooks

Dolly Parton fans in hysterics after singer jokes about threesome with Garth Brooks

Dolly Parton fans were thoroughly amused after the legendary country music singer joked about having a threesome with Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood.

Parton and Brooks appeared together to co-host the 58th Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards in Texas on Thursday (11 May).

Brooks, 61, introduced the “Jolene” singer as the “GOAT” – a common acronym for “greatest of all time” – after which Parton walked on stage pulling a hot pink cart with a real goat on board.

She told her co-host: “Did I hear you say you were looking for a GOAT? I’ve got your goat right here!”

Parton, 77, then celebrated Brooks’s musical influence, explaining how the singer “changed the name of country music forever” and became one of the biggest stars of all time “in a flash”.

Brooks responded: “I think I speak for everybody – not just in Texas but around the world – when I say we will always love you.”

As seen in a clip of their interaction on ACM’s official Twitter page, Parton then divulged that Brooks had previously told her that she was his “hall pass”.

The phrase refers to the one person that someone in a usually monogamous relationship is allowed to have sex with if presented with the opportunity.

“That’s what he said. And that I’m Trisha’s hall pass too,” Parton continued. “I just had a thought. I know why you’re doing that GOAT thing!

“I think it stands for ‘Garth organised a threesome!’”

“God bless Dolly Parton,” one fan posted on Twitter, reacting to the comments, while another said her quip was proof she was truly the GOAT.

“Dolly Parton making a threesome joke about her, Garth and Trisha was NOT on my bingo card tonight!” another fan said.

“Never change, Dolly,” another person tweeted.

Earlier this month, Parton revealed a star-studded, 30-song tracklist for her forthcoming album of rock ‘n’ roll covers and original songs, which will be released 17 November.

Featuring artists include Lizzo, Elton John, Sting, and her goddaughter Miley Cyrus. See here for more details.