Dollar Tree’s Newest $1.25 Storage Find Is the Best Thing to Happen to My Pantry

The organizational possibilities are endless.

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Adobe Stock/DDM Design

If you have a kitchen, you’re probably always looking for clever ways to keep the cabinets and drawers from being a mess. Organization is big business these days, and several products can help you tame utensils in a drawer or keep kitchen wrap containers in line. Unfortunately, they can have expensive price tags, especially for something whose only function is to keep something else in its place.

Luckily, Dollar Tree has some affordable storage solutions, and its newest one solved my biggest pantry problem.

At the top of most of our organizational wish lists is a good way to organize cans and boxes of food, as well as those unruly lids from plastic storage containers. Keeping the lids tidy and accessible tends to be problematic. If you put them on top of the container when you store it, you can’t nest other containers inside. That takes up a lot of cabinet space. If you store the containers and lids separately, the lids often get jumbled and out of place.

Products created specifically for lid organization do exist but can cost $15 or more each. That’s a lot of money, so many of us resign ourselves to the jumble of lids rather than organizing them. But, if the product costs just a dollar or two, organizing the cabinet becomes more doable and saves us time and frustration in the kitchen.

While a simple bin would do the job, Dollar Tree has a new item that would work even better because it allows you to view all your container lids at a glance.

On her TikTok page, thecraftedstudioco uses Dollar Tree's plastic magazine holders (she called them book bins) to store container lids. The holders are slim and taller in the back than in the front. If you need more than one, you can line them up (like books).

“Just buy a few,” says Emma, the voice behind the account, because “these are super simple to keep your lids organized.

What’s also great about these plastic bins from Dollar Tree is that the backs are not as high as traditional ones. If you have shorter cabinet shelves, they should still fit.

If the bin idea doesn’t appeal, Emma has an alternative. Use zip ties to attach three Dollar Tree metal napkin holders together and use them to store the lids upright.

These plastic magazine holders would also be good for other storage around the house. Here are a few ideas for what to store in these versatile bins:

  • Boxes and cans of food

  • Plastic wrap, foil, or parchment paper

  • Clutch purses on a closet shelf

  • Flip-flops and other flat sandals on a closet shelf

  • Mail—use one for each member of the household

  • Disposable paper plates and napkins

  • And, of course, all your back issues of Allrecipes magazine!

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