Dollar General Has a $4 Copycat of an $80 Williams-Sonoma Glassware Set

Be on trend without breaking the bank.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

If you see a tableware trend you love from a high-end store and you have patience, you'll often be able to get a similar item from somewhere else for less money. Often, that somewhere else is Aldi. The grocery store has been killing it with tableware copycat items such as Williams-Sonoma's colorful glassware and Pottery Barn's glass hobnail pitcher.

Dollar-focused stores are also getting in on the copycat game. We recently discovered Dollar Tree channeling The Container Store with its $1.25 storage bins. Now, we see Dollar General taking a page from Williams-Sonoma, offering copycats of the higher-end store's Modern Optic Highball Glasses.

The clear, 16-ounce ribbed glasses on a short pedestal base are 6 inches tall and come in a set of four for $79.95. They're very trendy, but the trends change quickly, and it's smart to wonder, "Do I really want to spend $80 for four trendy glasses that I may want to replace once the next trend kicks in?"

We can't answer that question for you, but if you answered "No,"—or if $20 a glass is a bit steeper than you can comfortably afford—get yourself to Dollar General.

Dollar General’s $1 Ribbed Tumbler

Instagram’s ncbudgetmommas recently alerted her followers to several new spring items at Dollar General, including tumblers with lids and straws, stemmed coupe glasses, and a copycat version of Williams-Sonoma’s Modern Optic Highball Glasses in two colors—clear and green.

The Dollar General 12-ounce glass ribbed tumbler is just $1, meaning a set of four is just $4. Yes, they hold four ounces less than the Williams-Sonoma versions, but other than that, they look remarkably similar down to the small pedestal at the bottom of the glass.

The glasses are perfect for iced tea, soda, lemonade, or a cocktail built in a highball glass, such as a Tequila Sunrise or Tom Collins.

Whatever you choose to drink from them, the Dollar General Ribbed Tumblers are the answer to wanting to be on trend this spring and summer without breaking the bank.

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