Dog and her puppy adopted together: ‘They are inseparable’

Dog and her puppy adopted together: ‘They are inseparable’

A mother and son canine duo have been adopted together and are still closer than ever.

A man named Alan, who goes by the username u/SAVertigo on Reddit, posted a photo of his two dogs, Aurora and Apollo, on Reddit’s r/aww subreddit. The photo features the two dogs cuddling next to each other on the floor. He captioned the photo: “We adopted a mother and son combo from the shelter, they are inseparable.”

In the subreddit he explained his reasoning for using the adoption route when getting another dog, “Our elder dog had passed away, and we really wanted a lab/retriever. But we didn’t want to go to a breeder, we wanted to rescue dogs without a home.”

Speaking with Newsweek, the dog owner discussed the adoption process and explained that his family noticed Aurora, the female dog, was listed for adoption first. “We found Aurora on an adoption website, and we inquired,” he told the outlet. “A few days later, they listed her son. We thought the best chance to get Aurora would be to adopt Apollo as well.”

After completing DNA tests for both dogs, the couple discovered that mother Aurora is a Great Pyrenees and husky mix, while her son Apollo has even more breeds mixed in.

Seeing the pair interact with each other, Alan said his family “could not ask for a better pair of dogs.”

“They love being together. We always wanted two dogs, and this was a great opportunity,” he said.

However, despite their love for each, it doesn’t come without the occasional mother and son brawl. “Even though there are days when she is attempting to murder him, they end the day snuggled up every time,” Alan wrote in response to a commenter.

The Reddit poster also explained what it’s like trying to handle two dogs at once, adding: “These two aren’t too bad… they destroy toys like no one’s business, and also blankets but leave furniture alone..”

Since being posted last week on 4 September, the Reddit post has received over 21,000 upvotes with over 200 comments gushing over the dogs cuddling together.

“This is so sweet,” one comment began. “I have a hobby farm and adopted a mother and son goat pair (he’s a wether) and they are inseparable like this. It gratifies me to no end to be able to give them an actual life together when they clearly take so much comfort in being together. Thanks for looking out for this family!”

“Thank you for adopting both of them. The shelters are so full right now. And keeping them together was awesome,” another comment read.

Since coming to their new home, the dogs have overcome some health issues and are now doing much better, according to Alan. “It wasn’t easy. They seemed to have had a rough go at life up to moving in with us,” Alan wrote in a follow-up comment on the Reddit post.

“Aurora had heartworm, so we had to go through that treatment process, and now Apollo has hip dysplasia and we are going to go through that,” added Alan. “In addition, they both had distemper, so now we have to deal with that as well going forwards.”

“Our dogs are just adorable, and we wanted to share them,” said the owner. “I had posted them before and got positive feedback, so I shared them again.”