Does Shake Shack's Menu Have Keto-Friendly Options?

Shake Shack burgers, fries, and drinks.
Shake Shack burgers, fries, and drinks. - Manu Padilla/Shutterstock

For those following the keto diet, Shake Shack's menu items may look like serious red flags. After all, the New York-based chain serves its hamburgers on potato buns and only offers crinkle-cut fries as a side option – two foods high in carbohydrates, which is the main food group keto dieters are advised to avoid.

Despite this, the hot dog-cart-turned-burger-chain is relatively keto-friendly, as nearly every one of its burgers can be made low-carb with a single request: no bun. From there, you can eat your bun-less burger with a knife and a fork, or substitute the bread for a lettuce wrap if you still want the experience of eating the sammie with your hands. To give the meal a higher fat content, which is another component of the keto diet, you can ask for extra cheese, bacon, and burger patties for an additional cost. You could even make it more filling with extra veggies and condiments like the restaurant's signature Shack Sauce, cheese sauce, ranch, or herb mayo. Keep in mind that ketchup and BBQ sauce are high in sugar, making them condiments to avoid.

The exceptions to the bun-less burger rule are the 'Shroom burger and Shack Stack, both of which contain a fried portobello mushroom that isn't suitable for the keto diet. Shake Shack's veggie burger patty is also not keto-friendly because it contains sweet potatoes, farro, and quinoa.

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The Rest Of Shake Shack's Menu Isn't Quite As Keto-Friendly

lettuce-wrapped Shake Shack burger
lettuce-wrapped Shake Shack burger - Shake Shack / Facebook

While Shake Shack offers customers more than just hamburgers to dine on, a majority of the rest of its menu can't be made keto-friendly. Poultry dishes like the Chicken Shack and Chicken Bites, which are fried and, therefore, not suitable. The restaurant does, however, offer a BLT and hot dogs, which can be made keto using the no-bun trick if you're not in the mood for a burger. Some Shake Shacks also have a breakfast menu featuring an assortment of sandwiches filled with eggs, cheese, bacon, or sausage. Like its hamburgers, these can be made keto by ordering them sans bun.

Now for the bad news. Unfortunately, the entirety of Shake Shack's dessert menu is not keto-friendly, meaning the assortment of milkshakes that serve as the restaurant's namesake is off limits. If you're looking for something to wash down your bread-free hamburger, BLT, or hot dog with, water, diet soda, and unsweetened tea are the best options. And if you're still hankering for a treat after, you can always try making a homemade milkshake with keto ice cream to quell your sweet tooth.

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