DJ Izzy Bossy curates your ultimate Notting Hill Carnival 2023 playlist

 (Izzy Bossy by Arron Watson-McNab)
(Izzy Bossy by Arron Watson-McNab)

Founder of Bossy LDN and DJ-circuit-royalty, Izzy Bossy has been going to Notting Hill Carnival since she was one. Not only has she made a name for herself spinning decks around the capital since her early twenties, but at Carnival too - her favourite day of the year, “I wait the whole year just for Carnival!”

Growing up in Acton, west London, Carnival has played a major role in Bossy’s life. “I lived in an estate in Acton and Stardust mas band used to make all of their costumes in the community centre which was the hub of the estate. I used to be the little helper and they asked me to join, so I used to wear a big costume every year until I was about eighteen. When I got to eighteen I realised I wanted to go and explore without my mum watching me,” she tells me.

Not only has the event influenced her career in music, but every aspect of her life, “It was a place where I got to see Caribbean culture - where my family are from. It’s been an inspiration for me with everything, style, music, creativity, really learning about my culture.”

In 2016, she founded Bossy LDN, a creative agency that hosts events around London with the intention to forefront and support young women. “I wanted to create a space where everybody felt comfortable, where young women were able to be in more male-dominated positions. To be safe, be free and wear what they want.” It was through hosting events that she turned to DJing. She landed a show on NTS and used their studios to practise being behind the decks, “I wanted to do it for the girls, we needed more women in music and that’s what really pushed me!”

It will be a busy weekend for Bossy, but it’s been an even busier summer. She had her own stage at City Splash Festival 2023 - where she got to curate the lineup herself - and has also been busy working on official playlists for Apple Music, “I’ve done two in one month and have another one coming! That was a big bucket list tick for me.”

As someone who has attended Carnival more times than she can count, why does Izzy Bossy think Carnival is such a special place? “There’s a few things. Firstly, the history and why Carnival actually happens. It started as a community coming together and creating something so special and important. Then there’s also everybody coming together to celebrate Caribbean culture. The parade, the costumes, the colours, the vibes, the Jamaican sound systems and all the different sounds too, old music, new music. And the food!”

Below, Izzy Bossy curates your ultimate Notting Hill Carnival 2023 warm up playlist. Listen to it in full here. 

1. Byron Messia - Talibans

2. Valiant - Mad Out

3. RajahWild - Wild Out

4. J Hus - Who Told You (ft. Drake)

5. Masicka - Tyrant

6. Teejay, DJ MAC - Drift

7. Stalk Ashley - Dutty Casamigos

8. Valiant - Dunce Cheque

9. Ireland Boss, Malie Donn - V6

10. Gage - Throat

11. Vybz Kartel - Pure Love Mi Give Gal

12. Ding Dong - Ravers Gas

13. Buju Banton - Driver A

14. Giggs - Talkin’ the Hardest

15. Rvssian, Tommy Lee Sparta, and Valiant - Tic Tac Toe

16. Jada Kingdom and The 9ine - Turn Me On

17. Skeng X Sparta - Protocol

18. Byron Messia – 90z