These DIYs make home fragrance a breeze


Say goodbye to chemical-smelling air fresheners and sprays! Instead, freshen up your home by making a DIY home fragrance. Made with an array of organic ingredients, DIY home fragrances are a great natural way to infuse your home with a refreshing, calming aroma. Here are 3 DIY hacks for making your own home fragrances!

DIY Home Fragrance Hack 1: Make Stovetop Potpourri

Looking for a homemade fragrance that’s potent enough to transform your entire home into an oasis? Try making a stovetop potpourri. Not only is stovetop potpourri easy to make, but it uses fresh ingredients that can be customized to create unique seasonal fragrances! To make a basic stovetop potpourri, simply add orange slices, cranberries, fresh rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and water to a pot. Simmer the ingredients to fill your home with a lovely aroma. Then, try a seasonal twist on the classic stovetop potpourri by simmering fresh strawberries and lemons in the summer or apples and pine needles in the winter.

DIY Home Fragrance Hack 2: Make Scented Sachets

Keep linens smelling fresh with a homemade scented sachet! Just mix dried lavender, jasmine, lilies, and rosebuds and place them in a mesh pouch. Use a ribbon to tie the pouch shut, then place the sachet in between linens or in clothing drawers to keep them smelling fresh!

DIY Home Fragrance Hack 3: Make a Eucalyptus Shower Hang

Turn your bathroom into a spa by putting up a eucalyptus shower hang! Place a bunch of fresh eucalyptus on a table top, then use a rolling pin to release its essential oils and maximize scent. Then, cut the ends off the eucalyptus bunch to make it look nice and neat. Tie the bunch up with a piece of twine and hang it in your shower, where it will infuse your bathroom with the loveliest spa-like scent!

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