These Discontinued Trader Joe's Cookies Will Probably Never Return

Trader Joe's cookies sign
Trader Joe's cookies sign - Jaclyn Vernace/Shutterstock

Trader Joe's is no stranger to releasing an experimental sandwich cookie flavor under the iconic brand name Joe-Joe's. Over the years, shoppers have spotted flavors like Mango, Candy Cane, and even Pumpkin Spice in addition to the classic chocolate with vanilla creme. These seasonal goodies can usually be found at least once during the year as the seasons change and inventory rotates. However, some of the more unconventional cookie flavors tend to leave as quickly as they arrive, like the fan-favorite matcha-flavored Joe-Joe's that only stuck around for two seasons before being discontinued. One flavor in particular that really won the hearts of Trader Joe's shoppers was the Chocolate Joe-Joes. This classic pairing of chocolate cookies with chocolate-flavored creme was a big hit years ago when the cookie first appeared but has since been added to the list of discontinued Trader Joe's items we will likely never see again.

This isn't the first (or last) time that Trader Joe's has disappointed its shoppers by discontinuing a popular product. The grocery retailer is known for an ever-rotating inventory of specialty products and seasonal goods, keeping fans in anticipation of the return of their favorite foods. But as the years pass, it's clear certain items will likely never arrive back on Trader Joe's shelves, much to the chagrin of steadfast fans. This hasn't stopped cookie lovers from clamoring for the chocolate Joe-Joe's sandwich cookies years after their tragic disappearance.

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The Chocolate Joe-Joe's Were A Chocolate Lover's Dream

Trader Joe's chocolate Joe-Joe's
Trader Joe's chocolate Joe-Joe's - Reddit/Zodiacboy88

Unlike the classic vanilla creme-filled Joe-Joe's cookies that can usually be found on shelves throughout the year, the chocolate Joe-Joe's were an elusive treat that appeared once and then seemingly never returned. In a Reddit thread dating back eight years, one user shared the discovery that the Chocolate Joe-Joe's would not be returning to stores. Clearly devastated, the fan wrote, "Man, I am not going to let them go without a fight! These things have been my childhood!" While TJ's continues to release various Joe-Joe's flavors, the chocolate cookies still have not made their long-awaited reappearance.

Some Joe-Joe's cookie lovers have gone on record to say they prefer the Trader Joe's Oreo copycat to Oreos, the world's top-selling cookie. Others prefer Joe-Joe's because of their simplified ingredients. One Reddit fan wrote, "I've been an Oreo fan forever but they contain high fructose corn syrup. JoJo's have cane sugar. To me, this is a win for the JoJo's."

When it comes to the chocolate cream-filled cookies, Oreos may win out by default simply because they are available. While it's not the exact same thing, Oreo does make a chocolate creme-filled sandwich cookie that fans have claimed tastes similar to their missed TJ's cookie. Until Trader Joe's gets itself together and realizes how beloved the chocolate Joe-Joe's still are, we may have to settle for another brand.

Why Does Trader Joe's Keep Discontinuing Popular Products?

Woman shopping at Tj's
Woman shopping at Tj's - Colleen Michaels/Shutterstock

It's understandable why seasonally flavored products like pumpkin or peppermint Joe-Joe's retire until the following year, but chocolate is a flavor that people love all year round. Why did Trader Joe's decide to discontinue these tasty double chocolate goodies? While the company has not explained these particular cookies, we know that Trader Joe's has multiple reasons for rotating and discontinuing many of their items.

When deciding which Trader Joe's products to discontinue, there are a few factors to consider. If a product doesn't sell well, Trader Joe's will likely discontinue it, especially since the grocery retailer doesn't make a habit of purchasing nearly as much stock as most other grocers do. Some products become too expensive to continue producing or storing, so the item is pulled. However, the most common reason why you may see a popular item on shelves one day and then go the next is due to the scarcity theory. If fans know that a product will only be available for a limited time, they likely buy more and return more often to see what time-exclusive products will be available next. This creates more foot traffic and increased spending per trip.

However, Trader Joe's does consider fan feedback. On the company's website, there is a place to leave discontinued product feedback, where fans can express what products they desperately want back. It may be worth a shot to ask for chocolate Joe-Joe's to finally return.

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