The Discontinued Girl Scout Cookie We'll Probably Never See Again

Girl scout with cookie tray
Girl scout with cookie tray - Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock

Girl Scout cookie season may only be from January to April of each year, but the wide variety of cookie flavors remains in the hearts and minds of dessert lovers all year long. For all the delicious Girl Scout cookies that hold longtime spots on the roster, there are just as many tasty treats that are no longer offered. Longtime fans of Girl Scout cookies may recall once-beloved cookies like Praline Royals, Cinna-Spins, and most recently, the fan favorite Thanks-A-Lot shortbreads. All of these flavors were once offered by Girl Scouts until they were discontinued, much to the chagrin of avid cookie customers.

But one of the Girl Scout Cookies we desperately wish would make a comeback were only around for one cookie selling season -- the chocolatey Double Dutch cookies. This rich, brownie-like treat was a chocolate lover's answer to the classic chocolate chip cookie we all know and love. Unfortunately, this cookie followed the fate of so many others and did not make a grand return the following season; it was available for just one year in the early 2000s.

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Double Dutch Cookies Had Double The Chocolate Of A Regular Cookie

Double chocolate chip cookies
Double chocolate chip cookies - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

The Double Dutch Girl Scout cookie was packed with chocolate ingredients. In one bite, you would enjoy both semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips molded together in a dense dark chocolate batter with a crunchy rim and soft center similar to a brownie. In many ways, the Double Dutch cookie recipe was the Little Brownie Bakers' -- a licensed baker for the Girl Scouts -- second attempt at an extra chocolatey cookie. The bakery also produced the short-lived 1996 cookie flavor Le'Chip, a chocolate chip and hazelnut cookie with a fudge-covered bottom. Unfortunately, the 2004 debut of the chocolatey Double Dutch Girl Scout cookie did not receive the love that we feel it deserves, and is not likely to make a comeback any time soon.

With almost 100 years of sales, there are bound to be a few flavors that the Girl Scouts have discarded since its cookie empire began in 1928. There are plenty of reasons why a Girl Scout cookie flavor may get discontinued, even if it is extremely popular amongst customers. Cookies may be phased out due to low sales from the previous year, issues with sourcing and supply, and even to shake things up and keep product offerings feeling fresh and new for returning customers. Regardless of the reason, it is a sad day every time a Girl Scout cookie is retired.

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