The disappearing dots on this optical illusion are driving everyone insane

The latest optical illusion going bonkers on the internet will make you go insane.

In the image below, you’re required to count the black dots in the intersections of the grey lines.

Can you count all the dots? Photo: Twitter/wkerslake
Can you count all the dots? Photo: Twitter/wkerslake

It may seem simple, but when you stare at the mind-numbing image, you’ll notice the black dots won’t stay still.

No matter how hard you squint at the static image, they seem to move erratically from intersection to intersection, making it almost impossible for you to count exactly how many dots there are.

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Just when you think you’ve counted one, that dot disappears right in front of your eyes and sends you searching around the image for another one, which seems to vanish in an instant too.

Toggling between the dancing dots only makes you dizzy, confused and frustrated to say the least!

Twitter user Will Kerslake uploaded the wacky illusion to his account yesterday and it has since been retweeted almost 27,000 times.

“There are twelve black dots at the intersections in this image. Your brain won’t let you see them all at once,” he captioned the image.

Kerslake spotted the clever image on Facebook, which apparently is known as ‘Ninio's extinction illusion.’

The optical illusion sent Twitter users mad in the comments. Some couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about as they could immediately see all 12 dots, while others were baffled and could see anywhere between one to six dots.

“My right eye sees none… The left sees 1-2 at a time,” one user said.

“I held it far back and had a hard time seeing 6 at once. Really, 5 was best I could do,” another wrote.

“I actually see all 12. Is this a joke?” someone commented.

“This is so cool. I had to make the pic bigger to see all 12...I could only see 4 at first but still not all at once!”

How many dots can you spot?

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