Did Robert Irwin go to school?

Robert Irwin has had an unusual but privileged life. The son of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and his conservationist wife Terri, Robert grew up in the limelight as his family recorded their life at Queensland-based Australia Zoo for Steve's TV shows. As such, he didn't have the upbringing of a usual Aussie kid.

Both Robert and his sister Bindi were homeschooled at Australia Zoo for their entire education, an arrangement that allowed flexibility for their wildlife and media commitments.

Robert Irwin with mum Terri, dad Steve and sister Bindi posing with his family at Australia Zoo June 19, 2006 in Beerwah, Australia
Robert Irwin with mum Terri, dad Steve and sister Bindi shortly before Steve's untimely death. Photo: Getty Images

In 2013, Robert Irwin told Perth Now: "Every day is different because, obviously, we live at a zoo... We have two teachers, one for Bindi and one for me. When we're travelling we have one who teaches both of us."

"We've done school in some of the most remote places on Earth and some of the most populated," Bindi added. "Mum came up with a plan for when we go on research trips: If we don't catch any crocs, it's school all day; if we catch one, it's half a day of school; if we catch two or more crocodiles, we don't have any school."

"We pray every night that we catch five crocs the next day," Robert quipped.

In this handout photo provided by Australia Zoo, Robert Irwin (R) feeds freshwater crocodiles with Australia Zoo's Head of Reptiles, Josh Ruffell at Australia Zoo on October 2, 2012 on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Robert Irwin, 8, feed freshwater crocodiles for the first time publicly today.
Robert Irwin, eight, feeding freshwater crocodiles for the first time publicly. Photo: Getty Images

"School can be difficult to fit in," Robert told the New York Post in 2018. "I've actually got a classroom that's set up at Australia Zoo and a teacher that travels with us wherever we go, so I can fit in all of my studies and do it via correspondent online."

But both Robert and Bindi knew what they wanted to do when they grew up and that was to honour their dad's legacy and run the zoo.

"Since I'm still quite young, I'm really learning as much as I can about all of the animals and all of the work at Australia Zoo," Robert said. "I really do feel very honoured to be following in Dad’s footsteps and continuing that legacy that he had. He was the original wildlife warrior."

In 2019, Robert Irwin graduated from high school early at just 15 years old. "Well this is it. Over a decade of study - in planes, trains and thousands of hotel rooms in all corners of the world, and today I've graduated from high school," Robert wrote in an Instagram post celebrating his achievement. "Grade 12 and 2 TAFE certificates done! Excited for what's ahead..." he added.

His sister Bindi also graduated slightly early, just days before her 18th birthday, completing her high school certificate and a certificate in business from TAFE Queensland East Coast at the same time.

"I just got sent my graduation certificate, which is a huge milestone for me," she told Entertainment Tonight in 2016. "I finished year 12, but I had a couple of TAFE courses... college courses that I was taking, and they just sent through my certificate that I finished them all."

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