Did Billie Eilish just ditch her neon red roots? Here's what we know about the hair transformation

Did Billie Eilish just ditch her neon red roots? Here's what we know about the hair transformation

My major sleuthing instincts have brought me here today to alert you to my recent beauty findings à la Billie Eilish. Now, while it's not yet 100 per cent confirmed, the evidence I have collated tells me that the singer has undergone a major hair transformation. Hear me out...

Last night [12 February 2024], Billie attended the 96th Oscars Nominees Luncheon at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in California and for this, she wore a patterned headscarf. Now, on first impressions, you may think that she chose to do this for fashion purposes (after all, she is prone to a statement accessory or two) but after digging deeper, I suspect that it may be to conceal a haircut or colour change.

billie eilish short bob haircut
Amy Sussman - Getty Images

These suspicions then led me to our good old friend, Reddit. Now, if you're not a part of the Reddit community, allow me to inform you. The website is a forum used for communities of people to come together and share their thoughts on a mutually shared interest of a subject – and Billie's fans have their own named 'r/billieeilish'.

Under this, a picture was shared just short of 24 hours ago and it's a screenshot of Billie's most recent Instagram Story post.

Read the thread, here:

One fan shared this as evidence to counteract the group's previous suspicions that Billie has dyed her red-rooted hair black (more on this, below), however, others have commented saying that it is an old photo.

Unlike myself, who only had their suspicions raised thanks to Bills' headscarf last night, fans clocked onto this over the weekend when the star posted pictures on her Instagram story with an entire head of black hair.

billie eilish hair transformation
Hearst Owned

Are you now having reservations, too? Thought so.

Is the most recent IG Story Billie shared of her red roots dated? Has she dyed her hair black? Or is this all an entire misunderstanding? I guess only time will tell...

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