Mum's simple hack to transform 'odd' wall

What a difference. Photo: Supplied/Zoe Gilpin
What a difference. Photo: Supplied/Zoe Gilpin

If you’re someone who wants to add more green into your house or apartment, but don’t know how to do it without becoming a gardening expert (keeping them alive inside can be hard work!) then this super simple trick is for you.

What started as a blank white wall in a bit of an awkward space has been transformed into a virtual indoor oasis. And there is no watering required.

D.I.Y decorator and home expert, Zoe Gilpin, said she got the idea from seeing artificial vertical gardens being used outdoors in cafes and office foyers.

Our home was built in the late 90s and has a few oddly placed walls which divide spaces, but also create wall spaces which I don’t quite know what to do with,” Zoe tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Photo: Supplied/Zoe Gilpin
Photo: Supplied/Zoe Gilpin

“I’m a huge plant lover and love having plenty of greenery in our home. So decided my plain wall was the perfect place to try it out.”

After measuring the wall Zoe went and bought panels from Bunnings – 50x50cm English Elm Artificial Hedge Tiles.

“Once we had the panels, we clipped each square together to make one giant rectangle. Each panel has clips on each side so it’s really easy to do this,” Zoe tells us.

“We then trimmed the edges so that it was the right size to cover the entire wall. To hang, we simply drilled holes near the ceiling skirting to hang the top of the panels from.

“Then where needed, used more screws to hold the panels flush against the wall. It’s definitely a two person job, but a super easy one which was done within 40 minutes!”

Photo: Supplied/Zoe Gilpin
Photo: Supplied/Zoe Gilpin

All up, the project cost just over $200, but the space is completely altered. And the fact that it is an artificial wall has many benefits.

“An artificial vertical garden was the obvious choice for many reasons,” Zoe says. “An artificial garden was also more budget-friendly for us as the initial purchase of real plants, the equipment to hang them and the maintenance and upkeep would end up being a constant expense.

“The room doesn’t get much natural light so real plants don’t tend to live for long.

“And we have small kids, so the smarter option was to go with faux plants.”

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