Camilla Franks to undergo ovary removal surgery as breast cancer battle continues

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Australian fashion designer Camilla Franks' cancer treatment continues. Photo: Getty

Just over a year after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Australian fashion designer Camilla Franks has revealed she will be getting her ovaries removed.

The 42-year-old says her treatment for the stage three cancer continues after she previously underwent chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

In an interview aired on Studio 10, Camilla said she “resents cancer”, and is devastated she won’t be able to have another child after welcoming daughter Luna Gypsy Jones in January 2018.

“I still haven't finished my treatment, I've still got to have the ovaries out and I'm not happy about that and it makes me sad," the kaftan designer told Kerri-Anne Kennerley in the interview.

"I resent cancer in some regards for stealing the opportunity to have another child and I didn't realise how much I wanted another one until I was told I probably can’t have another one. But I also realise how bloody blessed I am to have one."

In an Instagram post shared on her social media platform on Monday, Camilla thanked her fans for watching the raw and emotional interview.

“Evolving with patience, living with full colour, and loving with boundless depth. Thank you for all those who have reached out with kind words after watching my interview with Kerri-Anne,” she wrote.

“A special mention to my women who are in the battlefield with their own fight. I hear you, I love you, I am with you always xxC.”

It was back in May 2018 when Camilla went public with her cancer diagnosis, just a few months after she and fiance JP Jones welcomed their baby girl.

Camilla Franks and her partner JP Jones welcomed daughter Luna in January 2018. Photo: Camilla Franks/Studio 10

“As you know, my beautiful daughter Luna arrived a few months ago, and it is her smile and warmth that remind me this is a challenge I will embark on with courage – for her and my fiancé as well as myself,” she said in a statement at the time.

“With the incredible love and support of my little family I have no doubt I will beat this.”

In a previous interview with Marie Claire magazine, Camilla said: “Cancer is part of my story now. I'm willing to accept that - and only those who have endured this raw fear and threat will understand what it means to live with it”.

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