Deon Derrico Shares Unfortunate Health Update for Family Member After Double Hospital Scare With Mom

Less than two weeks after Doubling Down With the Derricos' Deon Derrico and his mother, GG, landed in the hospital simultaneously, he's sharing another health update for a third member of the family currently stuck in the hospital.

Derrico's adult nephew Amani, who only came into their lives a couple of years ago, recently underwent a liver transplant after his original one, performed at age 21, began to fail. Unfortunately, the new transplant also failed, and less than two weeks later he underwent his third transplant.

The family is hopeful that the third will be his final transplant, but, as Derrico detailed in a new update shared alongside a GoFundMe fundraiser on Tuesday, July 2, the stress on Amani's body caused by the "myriad of issues" has led to "other health challenges."

In an earlier Instagram update, Derrico shared that Amani is on the mend despite his setbacks and they hope to see him released within the next two weeks, but he's been out of work since last February because of his "health challenges" and is also dad to a one-year-old son named Adonis.

The family has taken on responsibility for "all of his financial obligations," especially his mother, Stacey. Unfortunately, she had to take a leave of absence from the second job she took on to help because his "many medical procedures" took place at a hospital an hour from where she lives.

The reality star's mom is currently battling lung cancer, and found herself in the emergency room due to dehydration and low potassium on June 23. Coincidentally, Derrico found himself in the ER at the same time, though he declined to share what had led him to seek medical attention.

He kept fans apprised on social media as GG remained for observation and assured them he was doing just fine after he made a statement online that concerned fans, causing many of them to worry about his mental health at the time.

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