Bonkers detail in Demi Moore's bathroom photo sparks outrage

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Demi Moore has always been known to march to the beat of her own drum, and it turns out the actress has taken her devil may care attitude and injected it into her home with gusto.

The 57-year-old raised eyebrows and question on Thursday when she shared a couple of photos taken during a zoom recording of her upcoming podcast Dirty Diana, snapped in, of all places, the bathroom of her sprawling ranch in Hailey, Idaho.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis blended family in striped onsies and giant cutlery on ranch
If you thought the onsies and giant cutlery was unusual, wait until you see the bathroom. Photo: Instagram/ Demimoore

The star is currently seeing out the coronavirus lockdown with ex-husband Bruce Willis, his current wife, and the pair’s shared children at the ranch, and gave viewers a look at her bathroom in the most recent photo.

Only, you wouldn’t know it was her bathroom from the thick brown shag carpet, the pastel floral couch, recording equipment and iconography dotted around the place.

Photo: Twitter/justdemi
Photo: Twitter/justdemi

Yep, at first glance the casual observer might assume the Ghost star is getting work done in a spacious bedroom or living area of some description, that is until a few key details emerge, namely, the toilet tucked away in the corner, and the massive spa bath sunken into the ground.

The very fact that the star had opted for a carpeted bathroom was enough to turn some fans’ tummies, but in fact, the upholstery barely scratched the surface of the truly bananas home styling revealed by the photo.

Carpet toilet

Photo: Twitter/justdemi
Photo: Twitter/justdemi

Eagle-eyed observes were quick to point out that the porcelain toilet rising like a phoenix from the shag carpet was beyond the pale.

Many couldn’t help but point out the possible germ issues, particularly given the gaping lid, and proximity to Demi’s work station.

Despite its horrifying nature, the toilet wasn’t the only hectic thing happening in the back left corner.

Hidden monkeys

Photo: Twitter/justdemi
Photo: Twitter/justdemi

One fan couldn’t help but notice a small stuffed monkey seems to be sitting in the wall, presumably keeping a watchful eye on the happenings on the toilet below, a necessary precaution when you literally surround your toilet with carpet like it’s 1970 and everyone has perfect aim.

Not that one monkey is anything to sneeze at, but the actress clearly wasn’t satisfied with just the one stuffed primate.

Another monkey can also be seen peeking out from behind the laptop, hidden beneath an orchid on the table.

Monkey stuffed demi moore bathroom close up
This guy... Photo: Twitter/justdemi

You might be thinking, sure who hasn’t indulged in some stuffed animal decorations, a toilet carpet and a couch in the bathroom before?

No big deal right?


Saints and sunken spa baths

The crazy collection didn’t stop there, with the star sharing a second snap of the room that revealed even more was going on on the other side.

It was from this angle that the spa became visible as well as a pair of shoes belonging to what looked like a knight or statue of some kind placed beside the bath on the tiles.

Photo: Twitter/justdemi
Photo: Twitter/justdemi

You know, your classic bathroom statue, nothing too crazy.

Fans were driven to distraction by the flirty footwear, however, and many simply needed to uncover who or what was towering beyond the view of the camera lense.

Saint Joan of Arc: Bathroom Edition

Demi Moore in bath with Joan of Arc
Another snap shared to social media reveals the feet belong to none other than St, Joan of Arc who lives next to the bath.Photo: Twitter/justdemi

A quick glance through the star’s Instagram reveals it is none other than Saint Joan of Arc in plaster keeping a watch over the bath.

It seems the saint is a permanent fixture, also cropping up in photos shared by the star’s daughter Tallulah.

Tallulah Willis mirror selfie joan of arc bath
A mirror selfie shows Joan is a permanent part of the bathroom decor. Photo: Instagram/buuski

Killer light thanks to a crystal chandelier

Many who were still baffled at the star’s choice to record her podcast in the bathroom decided the most logical explanation was that a combination of killer lighting and acoustics made it ideal for recording.

The hypothesis checks out, particularly given other photos of the facilities reveal a low-key crystal chandelier is used for lighting, as well as the large windows that stretch across the entirety of the wall.

Demi Moore chandelier bathroom
Another snap of the star reveals the bathroom is lit by an elaborate chandelier because... of course it is. Photo: Twitter/justdemi

It will come as no surprise that the bathroom is a popular hangout for the whole family, given the various decorative delights on offer.

In one fun family moment, the actor’s grown daughters snapped a photo of them all in said bath in nothing but their birthday suits because let’s face it, quarantining can force us to get creative.

Demi and Bruce Willis' daughters Scout, Rumer and Tallulah in bath
Demi and Bruce Willis' daughters Scout, Rumer and Tallulah made the most of said bathroom for a fun, family shot sadly not featuring Joan. Photo: Twitter

Once the various quirks of the bathroom had been shared and digested on Twitter, a few enthusiastic sleuths managed to unearth several more images of the home, gleaned from the backgrounds of various family members’ social posts and it looks like the batty decor doesn’t stop at the bathroom.

From tiny chairs to statue confectionary to oversized utensils, here are the best and brightest finds we managed to discover.

Highlights of the Moore/ Willis family home decor

The tiniest red chair

Demi Moore poses in front of tiny, spindly red chair
Other fun household details include tiny red chairs and intricate music stands. Photo: Twitter/justdemi

This tiny, spindly red chair tucked into the corner of whatever is going on in this photo.

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We’re not going to mention the strange harp thing because there’s simply not the time, but would like to point out that even at scale, the chair resembles a director or tennis umpire situation, so would be an impractical inclusion in the house, even were it full-sized.

The tiny chair kitchen wall

Other tiny chairs of note feature on the kitchen wall, either a kind of statement art piece or a classic furniture order gone wrong.

Demi Moore family including Bruce Willis at kitchen table beneath tiny chair wall feature
Some of the tiny chairs are purely decorative. Photo: Instagram/demimoore

In case you missed it, that’s around eight tiny chairs mounted over the kitchen table:

Tiny. Photo: Instagram/ demimoore
Tiny. Photo: Instagram/ demimoore

Strange dolls dotted here, there and everywhere

It seems the household also loves a doll or 17 left dotted around like creepy, pint-sized human calling cards.

In several photos of Demi’s zoom appearances, a number of bizarre little guys appear.

Here are our top picks:

This guy crashing one of Demi’s calls and scaring the living daylights out of us and, presumably, viewers at home.

A zoom call was thrown off by whatever in God's name this eerie thing is. Photo: Instagram/ demimoore
A zoom call was thrown off by whatever in God's name this eerie thing is. Photo: Instagram/ demimoore

An interview with Demi and her daughters upon the launch of her memoir was completed by this guy lurking right at the end, riveted by whatever Demi is talking about.

Demi Moore daughters on couch of ranch strange doll
A family interview was somewhat derailed by this guy hanging out on the couch. Photo: Instagram/ demimoore
"She said what at the Oscars?" Photo: Instagram/ demimoore
"She said WHAT at the Oscars?" Photo: Instagram/ demimoore

Finally, a singalong between the kids was completed by some unusual band members including a goose wearing a beanie despite the fact that as an inanimate object body temperature is inconsequential, and a large ice cream cone.

Also in attendance was our strange friend of above couch interview fame.

Willis children perform singalong doll, ice cream and goose decorations distract
A family singalong was peppered with simply bizarre decor including the same elf guy from the couch, a goose in a beanie and an ice cream. Photo: Instagram/ demimoore

With the Willis/ Moore lockdown content still coming thick and fast it remains to be seen what other delightful home decor and architecture is in store for fans.

In the meantime, we leave you with this iconic summation of what we discovered here today:

Demi Moore poses with giant fork and spoon
Comically oversized utensils are the only things that could distract us from those stuffed dogs in festive gear. Photo: Instagram/ demimoore

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