The Delicious New Costco Food Court Hack Fans Are Going Wild Over

Late last year, fans of Costco’s food court churros had to unfortunately say goodbye to the long standing fan-favorite item. Despite the disappointed reaction from countless loyal membership holders, the popular retail giant still had a trick up their sleeve during the understandably trying times. Enter the double chocolate chunk cookie, a $2.49 chocolaty and chunky delight of a cookie that has in turn, spawned yet another “food court hack” that has been taking the internet by storm.

As is, Costco’s latest food court addition is already being described by shoppers as “delicious,” which makes sense because we are talking about the most quintessential cookie in existence: chocolate chip. But for a large dedicated bunch of Costco fanatics, this is the food court we are referring to — a magical place where wild concoctions are created and then made infamous online for weeks at a time.

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In a recent post shared to the Costco subreddit, shoppers have started to order the food court’s hot fudge sundae along with the double chocolate chunk cookie and crumbling the cookie on top of the already delicious treat. The author of the post to the popular subreddit captioned their post, saying, “Cookie and hot fudge sundae…I’m not saying to do it but like, live a little.”

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Another commenter quickly chimed in to say that they used to “do this with a churro,” but would also “use the churro as a spoon.” It only makes sense that the item which replaced one of Costco’s fan-favorite items would ultimately be used similarly to the churro itself in its own special food court concoction. But as the DIY food court connoisseurs have proven time and time again, it’s not about dwelling on the past; it's about looking towards the future and seeing what else is possible.

One commenter claimed they even witnessed a father making an ice cream sandwich out of two double chocolate chunk cookies and an ice cream sundae for his kids. And that right there is the spirit of the Costco food court in a nutshell. Nothing beats the ability to save money, get creative and enjoy a fun meal with loved ones.

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