Dean Lewis addresses fans' confusion over his accent

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Pop singer Dean Lewis has revealed a major secret behind his famous voice. Photo: Build Series Sydney
Pop singer Dean Lewis has revealed a major secret behind his famous voice. Photo: Build Series Sydney

Since bursting on to the music scene with his hit single Waves, Dean Lewis has gained a reputation for having a close connection with fans of his music.

But the answer to one mystery has bewildered those who hang on every word of the Australian crooner’s soulful ballads - what’s with the accent?

Dean finally addressed the confusion during a candid interview with Build Series Sydney, where he shared the inspiration behind his now-famous singing voice.

“When I recorded Waves I was in England, and I was there for months,” he said, adding: “I think I also pick up a couple of accents”.

“I grew up listening to Oasis and The Verve, English music was huge in my house.”

“To be honest, sometimes I think singing it in a little bit of an English accent makes it sound a bit nicer.”

The 31-year-old went on to explain what he meant by belting out his hit Be Alright with an ocker twang, much to the amusement of the studio audience.

Dean Lewis addressed the confusion around his accent with Build Series Sydney
Dean finally addressed the confusion around his accent during the candid chat. Photo: Build Series Sydney

“It makes you feel a bit sick,” he said in reference to choosing to sing in an Australian accent.

The tone has stumped fans ever since Sydney-born Dean first found fame, with some taking their confusion online in a bid to find clarity.

“Why does Dean Lewis sing with a British accent? Isn’t he Aussie?” wrote one woman.

“What’s with the Dean Lewis English/Irish accent when he sings,” he asked another.

In the candid chat Dean also treated fans to the never-before-heard original version of Be Alright - and why the track ended up being altered.

“It was a lower key and the chorus never felt like a chorus to me,” he said.

“When you first start out, it’s a big thing you’re always like ‘does my voice sound good?’”

However, this problem is unlikely to be a relevant one ahead of the release of his latest musical offerings, a debut album titled A Place We Knew.

Dean is now touring Australia with plans to take the show to Asia once the current leg is wrapped up.

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