David Beckham Tried To Troll Victoria Beckham After Her Workout, And She Got Him Back So Good

If there's one thing David and Victoria Beckham are going to do, it's poke fun in their relationship.

closeup of the couple at a party
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We saw that firsthand in their new Netflix documentary, Beckham, when Victoria tried to explain that she and David came from a family of very modest means.

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But once David heard his wife call her family a "working class" family, he immediately interrupted her story and told her to "be honest." He later made Victoria reveal that her dad drove her to school in a Rolls Royce...which was just one of his cars.

It's sweet that they hold each other accountable without making the other feel bad and they do the same thing on social media. On Monday, the legendary soccer player trolled Victoria on Instagram after their morning workout.

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He shared a photo of the iconic Spice Girl sprawled out on the floor looking exhausted after exercising. Although he didn't call her "dramatic"...he basically let the image speak for itself.

Victoria laying on the floor in her workout clothes

He then followed it up with another picture of Victoria rolled over on her side, which only further supported his stance.

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Well, the mom of three wasn't going to let him mock her and get away with it. So, she playfully got her revenge with an equally incriminating photo of David lying face down after their workout with a caption reading: "And the Oscar goes to..."

he's lying face down on a workout mat

Listen, I look like this after most of my gym sessions so I'm not judging either of them!

woman collapsing on the floor

But we love their sense of humor! A couple that roasts together, stays together...or however the saying goes.

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