Danny DeVito Provides Rare Update on His Unconventional Relationship With Rhea Perlman

Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman may live apart, but their relationship is as strong as ever.

For an article published on May 9, DeVito opened up with Fox News about his and Perlman's unconventional marriage.

“We’re doing great,” DeVito told the publication. “We’re sharing our granddaughter, our new granddaughter, and we see each other all the time.”

In 1982, Perlman and DeVito married after appearing together on the sitcom, Taxi; they later co-starred in the film Matilda (1996). Perlman and DeVito welcomed three children, Lucy, 41, Grace, 39, and Jacob, 36. Additionally, they share a granddaughter, Sinclair Lucille DeVito, 1.

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After being married for 30 years, DeVito and Perlman separated in October 2012. They reconciled in March 2013 before separating again in March 2017. Today, they live apart but remain legally married.

“We participate in conversation daily,” DeVito explained. “Lots and lots of talking and a lot of things together. We have three beautiful children, and now we have a granddaughter who is a year old, and we have one on the way. So the family’s growing.”

Perlman echoed these sentiments during a May 2023 interview on Julia Louis-Dreyfus' podcast, Wiser Than Me.

"Danny and I, we are still married… and we are still very good friends, and we see each other a lot," she explained. "And our family is still the most important thing to both of us."

Perlman added: "I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, it was very difficult at first. And there were a lot of reasons that we separated… It took time for us to come to this somehow pretty decent understanding and relationship with each other."

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