Danielle and Adam Busby Dish on New Family Challenges in 'OutDaughtered' Season 10 (Exclusive)

The Busby family from TLC's 'OutDaughtered'

The Season 10 premiere of OutDaughtered is just around the corner, and Danielle and Adam Busby are in for another wild ride with their six daughters—Blayke, 13, and the quintuplets, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker, 9.

Recently, Adam and Danielle sat down for an exclusive interview with Parade about what viewers can expect from Season 10. The Houston, Texas, family couple has long said goodbye to endless diaper changes and bottle feedings for their all-girl quints. However, their current stage of life is perhaps even more hectic.

"This season on OutDaughtered is pretty wild. I mean, we've got six kids going all different directions," Danielle teased. "I've got the boutique that's been keeping me busy. They've got sports after school, Adam’s getting busier with work. And so we are literally trying to find out a new pattern of how do we run this household."

Adam agreed that figuring out their family logistics after he went from working from home to taking on more photography gigs has been a challenge.

"I wasn't having to go out of town or off to another office somewhere," he explained. "But now, you know, I'm working more outside of the house and doing projects and doing a lot of traveling."

Danielle added: “It brings a lot of change in what we thought was normal and the pace that we figured out. Now we're back into a new rhythm of how do we do this again?”

On top of their work schedules, the quints entered third grade in Season 10. Adam and Danielle witnessed as some struggled with reading while others flourished.

"All the girls have different weaknesses and strengths when it comes to the academics and when it comes to, you know, physical activities," Danielle explained. "It's not anything new in sense of like, they're not all the same in a state. But what's different is that this is something that we're just now facing, kind of approaching into third grade, with some of the learning challenges."

Initially, the Busbys weren't sure whether to address the quints' academic struggles for fear of potential embarrassment.

"The more we started reading about, like dyslexia and stuff like that, like it's so common," Adam told Parade. "A lot of the resources and stuff that we've read is don't not talk about it because that develops shame in someone."

Adam added: "We as parents are going to fight and do whatever we possibly can to give them the best way to succeed in school and stuff and tutors and helping at home and extra help at school."

Catch the Season 10 premiere of OutDaughtered on Tuesday, May 7 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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