Dani Discovers the Chief's Secret Leaderboard on 'County Rescue'

Things are heating up on County Rescue, but we're already at the penultimate episode for Great American Family's first original series. Season 1 of the firehouse drama is only five episodes long but we hope to see more seasons to come with more episodes!

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In this week's episode, Andy (Brett Varvel) sees Marcos (Angel Luis) in the parking lot outside the station and makes a serious accusation believing Marcos is seeing Tiffany (Curtis Torbert). Duke’s (Percy Bell) drinking problems worsen and Tiffany decides to take the kids to her mom’s. Dani (Julia Reilly) accidentally finds Chief Scotty’s (Tim Perez-Ross) secret leaderboard tracking who is in front for the position, and she loses confidence she can clinch the full-time job. The chief is having trouble picking a candidate because they all possess the right stuff— in different ways. Chief Scotty also knows well the struggles of the career: how it affects faith, family, marriages, careers, and above all, exacerbates human foibles.

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Take a look at this Parade exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode of County Rescue and check out select images in the gallery below.

New episodes of County Rescue premiere on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Great American Family and are available to stream the Friday before on Great American Pureflix.

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