Dakota Johnson Says She Probably Won’t Do Another Superhero Film


Dakota Johnson, the star of the recently released Madame Web film, has said she probably won’t be doing any more superhero films anytime soon.

In an interview with Bustle, Johnson said that she wasn’t surprised that there were negative reviews for Madame Web. She’s not overselling the poor reception, either, with the film sitting on a 12% on Rotten Tomatoes — reviews for Madame Web were not good.

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Johnson said that part of the reason the film did so poorly, in her eyes at least, was because it was “made by committees,” which she thinks is a formula for art that doesn’t resonate with audiences.

“It’s so hard to get movies made,” Johnson says in the interview, “And in these big movies that get made — and it’s even starting to happen with the little ones, which is what’s really freaking me out — decisions are being made by committees, and art does not do well when it’s made by committee.”

Johnson said that she’d never done anything like Madame Web before, and that she “probably will never do anything like it again,” saying she doesn’t think she fits in that side of the film industry. She says that it was a learning experience, though, and despite the negative reception, she understood that it wasn’t because of her.

She also took a swing at film executives, accusing them of thinking audiences aren’t smart, and saying that nobody wants to see art “based on numbers and algorithms.”

“My feeling has been for a long time that audiences are extremely smart, and executives have started to believe that they’re not,” Johnson says. “Audiences will always be able to sniff out bullsh*t. Even if films start to be made with AI, humans aren’t going to f***ing want to see those.”

Johnson may be onto something, too, as the superhero film industry seems to be slowing down quite a lot lately. 2024 will see only one superhero film released by Marvel – Deadpool & Wolverine – and while the Sony Spider-Man Universe is continuing with a few more, on the whole there’s a lot less superhero action going on in theaters.

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