Dairy Queen’s Sweet New Menu Creation Is 'Too Good to Be a Joke'

Dairy Queen mini Blizzard is arranged for a photograph with two large Blizzards behind.

Dairy Queen's newest item announcement has been declared "too good to be a joke" by fans.

Though the sweet treat isn't set to hit menus until Monday, April 1, DQ loyalists are confident it's not an April Fools' prank.

The upcoming frozen creation–which is a shake, not a Blizzard, our apologies to fans of the latter–appears to be an ode to one of Nabisco's most recognizable cookies, Nutter Butters!

Dairy Queen's Nutter Butter milkshake "starts with vanilla soft serve which is then blended with peanut butter and Nutter Butter cookies," according to Snackolator, a fast food influencer who regularly previews and shares upcoming releases on Instagram.

Hours after debuting the sweet yet savory drink, the comments were filled with delight.

"This is too good to be April fools joke," one declared. "I'm a peanut butter fan but hopefully this is in New Hampshire."

"2024 drops are on a roll!" a second exclaimed.

"Um...yes," another added.

Someone else simply wrote, "Need."

If you can't wait a few more weeks until April, no worries. Snackolater received word that some locations may begin offering it sooner than the top of the month.

That said, if you're not near a DQ that'll have it in stock before then, don't you worry, there are plenty of new and returning snacks to sink your sweet tooth into while you wait. The fast food chain just added a brand-new limited-edition dip ice cream inspired by Funfetti cake and it brought back two fan-favorite treats ahead of St. Patrick's Day: its Mint Brownie Blizzard and Under the Rainbow Shake.

Parade reached out to a DQ rep to confirm the Nutter Butter milkshake's official release date and availability but did not hear back in time for publishing.

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