Dads, Tell Us Something You Wish More People Knew About Fatherhood

Being a father is the most rewarding part of my existence. But like everything in life, there are mountains and valleys.

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Some days are amazing, filled with smiles and joy. While other days may feel like they drag on forever, and you just can't wait to decompress at the end of it.

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Dads of the world, I would love to know what you wish more people knew about fatherhood.

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Maybe you feel like you or your child are treated differently at Parent Teach Nights?

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Or possibly, you feel like gender roles and old school mentalities have shifted, but you can't get your parents to understand that.

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Maybe you feel like dads aren't allowed to be emotionally vulnerable and you wish there was more grace in that particular area.

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Whatever it is, whether it's a personal opinion or something you feel is a national oversight, share it with me in this anonymous form or in the comment section below. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!