Dad-to-be's sour gender reveal reaction goes viral

Bianca Soldani
Acting Lifestyle Editor

A dad-to-be is copping backlash after his sour reaction at his baby’s gender reveal was shared online.

The man and his pregnant partner are seen standing in front of a crowd holding giant confetti crackers in footage uploaded to Twitter of the moment.

To cheers from their friends and family, they pop the crackers to reveal pink confetti signifying a baby girl.

But instead of the excited reactions that you’d normally expect from a gender reveal, the dad-to-be chucks a tantrum and storms off fuming.

This guy was sorely disappointed with the result of his baby’s gender reveal. Photo: Twitter

Needless to say, people on Twitter have been less than impressed with his conduct and are even questioning why he would choose to do a public gender reveal if he felt so strongly about the gender he wanted.

“I would be damn embarrassed if my bf would have done that & in front of my family and other people,” one person said.

“Some people just know how to act in public, he could have done that in closed doors not in front of people,” another wrote, while a third said, “Dayummm imagine when she grows up & sees how disappointed her dad was knowing she was a girl”.

Gender disappointment is a real thing, and others defended the man’s feelings in spite of his reaction.

“I’ve seen females throw a whole tantrum, give this guy a break,” one user said, “If you really only cared about having a healthy baby then you’d wait til birth for the gender reveal.”

“Y’all too dramatic with everything,” said another.

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