Cynthia Nixon Gets Emotional On ‘The View’ Discussing Why She Went On A Hunger Strike

Cynthia Nixon was overcome with emotion Wednesday in an appearance on “The View” that touched on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. The “Sex and the City” star, who recently joined a five-day hunger strike to demand a permanent cease-fire, candidly explained why.

“I am the mother of two Jewish children whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors,” Nixon told the panel.

“And my oldest son, in particular, he really has been reaching out to my wife and I and asking us — imploring us, really — to say, ‘Use your voice to affirm as loudly as you can that ‘never again’ means ‘never again’ for anyone.”

“Never again” became an expression of determination as well as a promise by survivors of the Holocaust in World War II. Nixon, alongside many others, has lent her voice to the concerns that Israel’s counteroffensive since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack already is or could become a genocide of the Palestinian people.

Nixon, who ran for New York governor in 2018, compared past atrocities to the mass deaths over “the last very short eight weeks.”

“We’ve seen the deaths of over 16,000 civilians, Palestinians in Gaza, which includes over 7,000 children,” she said Wednesday. “To put that into some kind of a context, that is more civilians than were killed by the U.S. and its allies in almost 20 years of war in Afghanistan.”

Gaza health officials most recently estimated that Israel’s military response has killed more than 17,000 Palestinians — thousands of whom are children — while Israel says Hamas killed 1,200 people on Oct. 7 and took more than 200 people hostage. A CNN reporter lost nine of his relatives in an Israeli airstrike last week.

Nixon became visibly emotional Wednesday while discussing the relentless bombings.

Actor Cynthia Nixon, known for her roles in
Actor Cynthia Nixon, known for her roles in

Actor Cynthia Nixon, known for her roles in "Sex and the City" and "The Gilded Age," as well as for her 2018 gubernatorial campaign in New York, embarked on a five-day hunger strike last month amid calls for a permanent cease-fire in Israel.

“The images coming out of Gaza, the children who have no water, who have no food, who have no homes, who have no shelter of any kind, weeping over the bodies of their slain parents,” said Nixon. “This is — I mean … what Hamas did was brutal and … unforgivable.”

“But I don’t think we get to a better place with more civilian death, and that is why, in my belief, we need a permanent cease-fire,” she said. “Right now.”

The actor was asked to condemn the purported sexual assaults of Israeli hostages by Hamas, which Nixon unabashedly did — before adding that it’s not “any justification for this starvation and slaughter of thousands upon thousands of Palestinian children.”

“The [number of] Palestinian children who have been killed … is now twice as many children as were killed across two dozen war zones in all of last year, in just eight weeks,” she added. “These are not regular human casualties. This is off the charts.”

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