Cybertruck buyers say they’ve been told deliveries are paused due windshield wiper problems

Some owners have reported that the wiper failed on them shortly after picking up the vehicle.


Some Cybertruck buyers who were scheduled to receive their new trucks this week have been told they’ll have to wait a little while longer as the company addresses a safety issue with the windshield wiper motor. Tesla hasn’t publicly confirmed any such problems or issued an official recall, but numerous commenters on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum and Reddit said they were notified that deliveries have been halted and their pickup dates were pushed back a week.

This follows reports from Cybertruck owners who have said that the windshield wiper failed on them, in some cases almost immediately after the truck was picked up. Tesla previously had to pause Cybertruck deliveries this spring, when it issued a recall over faulty accelerator pedals that could get stuck. The problem affected around 3,878 Cybertruck vehicles. In this case, the fix was fairly simple (installing a rivet) and deliveries resumed soon after.