The "Lamp Story" Might Be Reddit's Creepiest, Plus More Things The Internet Is Talking About

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First up is a creepy Reddit story that, despite originally being posted years ago, is making the internet rounds again thanks to TikTok. It features a glitch in the matrix, a creepy lamp, and a plot worthy of a horror movie.

TikTok is now obsessed (videos with #thelampstory have amassed over 40 million views), with people recreating the spooky scenario.

And some are even pointing out their own "lamp moments."

I'm officially creeped out. Yikes.

In funnier news, internet icon George Santos has officially been expelled from Congress and Twitter had the best reactions.

Twitter: @plathiandc

Seriously, these tweets are almost as unhinged as Mr. Santos himself.

Twitter: @henrikontheweb

Oh, and did we mention he's now on Cameo?

Twitter: @ohheyjenna

Meanwhile, a new Twitter meme has spawned from an Instagram video going viral on the platform, featuring an intense workout. But it seems like the internet has some jokes about just how *not* hard they think it looks.

Twitter: @rohliceekk

This one is actually accurate.

Twitter: @gh0stfacebae

And lastly, a viral tweet prompting people to share their notes app secrets got a massive amount of responses, and some of them are truly wild, like these celebrity predictions.

Twitter: @joachimtrier

Or an honestly relatable thought...

Twitter: @H1TWOM4N

Now for a palette cleanser! We rounded up some enjoyable things from around the internet to make you smile.

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Kathy Hoang / BuzzFeed

Appreciate: The *ultimate* kitchen utensil.

Twitter: @messedupfoods

Beware: Of the dangers of midnight snacking this holiday season.

Feel: Nostalgic for *her*.

Twitter: @sapphicspielbrg

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