"It Cracks Me Up And Creeps Me Out": People Are Revealing The Strange Habits Their Partners Have That They've Ultimately Just Accepted

When you find your person, you love them through thick and thin — even if they do some pretty weird things. Recently, a redditor asked the in-a-relationship-people of r/AskReddit to share the strangest thing their partner does that they've just learned to accept, and some of these are definitely...odd. Ranging from WTF to pretty hilarious, here are some of the best responses:

1."My wife microwaves lettuce. Like, when she eats a salad at home, she 'warms up' the lettuce. Imagine if you cut off one of your feet and left it to rot for about a week. That's what hot lettuce smells like."

Photo of a microwaved chicken and egg dish on a table, fork and knife on either side

2."My husband occasionally talks in his sleep and will also laugh like a little girl in his sleep. It absolutely cracks me up and creeps me out at the same time."


3."I don't know how weird this is, but my boyfriend constantly talks to himself. He also gives voices to our pets — two cats and a dog. Each pet has a distinct voice and accent. Some of them have catchphrases. Sometimes, when he's getting ready for work in the morning, I'll hear him having 'conversations' with the pets in all the various voices. It's hilarious and adorable because he's literally just talking to himself. Sometimes, I catch myself doing it now, too."

A dog is sitting on a striped cushion wearing a hat

4."When he makes up in the morning, he puts on ALL his clothes just to walk to the bathroom. He then takes his clothes off again to shower. Why?! I will never understand it."


5."She never, ever, ever eats the last bite of anything. She'll always leave a bite of whatever meal she's eating on her place. In the 20 years I've been with her, she's never once eaten the last piece of pizza. She'll never take the last peanut; I've never seen her finish a can of Pringles. The upside for me, though, is I get the last of everything."

A plate with leftover food suggesting a meal shared between partners

6."He lays on the floor to decompress, which isn't too bizarre. But he lies down in weird spots and occasionally accidentally scares the shit out of me. One time, he was lying on the floor in the front entrance closet, petting the cat, and fell asleep. I just saw his legs on the ground sticking out from the closet. My first thought was that he'd fallen, hurt himself, and was unconscious — but he was just snuggling the cat. Another time, I couldn't find him anywhere in the house and started freaking out. But he was lying on the back deck on his belly, talking to the skunk that lives underneath. At night. So, what I saw was a man sprawled on the deck in the dark. It scared me silly."


7."He always finds random objects around the house to make into a 'hat' for me. Fresh laundry? Hat. Random plushies? Hat. Bubble wrap? Hat. Then he makes one for himself, we take a funny picture, and we hang it on our 'hat photos' wall."

Person wearing a large, shiny gemstone-covered glove

8."When he's alone, he talks to himself in third person and comments on the things he's doing. Something like: 'Ladies and gentlemen, he's done it again! He's made the best omelet in history for the third time this month. He's the man of the year; look at him getting a glass and opening the fridge! Oh, is he going for orange juice? Yes, he is!' You know, stuff like that. I'm glad he does it loudly; it's hilarious, especially when he gets tired and stops mid-sentence."


9."He eats minced garlic out of the jar with a fork. I'm just glad he's not a vampire."

Person holding a Kirkland minced garlic jar with garlic pieces stuck to the lid

10."He does this loud chicken noise (like baw-kak!) just randomly and anywhere. It's never been inappropriate, but it's always surprising, and I laugh every freaking time."


11."My partner eats bowls of cereal dry — no milk, ever. He's taught our kids to do the same."

A person holding a colander filled with cereal over a sink, attempting to drain it

12."She occasionally sleeps with her eyes open and will sometimes laugh like someone just told her the greatest joke ever told while she's sleeping. I've accepted my little demon."


13."He gets very concerned about his socks — to the point where he will count them when he's folding laundry and get irritated when he can't find all of them. Then, he accuses me of doing something with them. As if I would do anything with his stupid socks."

Overflowing pile of various clothes and underwear around a bathroom sink

14."Anything that could go or fit on top of something else is called a 'hat.' There are no lids, covers, toppers, or caps — just hats. We have a top-loader freezer, and she doesn't say, 'Close the lid.' She says, 'Put the freezer back hat back on.' Bottlecaps? No, bottle hats. Does the pot of boiling water have a lid on it? Nope, it has a hat. Wine bottle stopper? Try again; it's a hat. Trash bin cover? Trash bin hat. There are hats and only hats. I think she picked it up from her dad when she was a kid and it just became a hat. She's aware that it's goofy, though."


15."When he puts on his shoes, he does sock-shoe-sock-shoe. Like a weirdo."

Person tying the laces of polished dress shoes, preparing for a formal event
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16."She pulls wax out of her ear with a bobby pin. She properly shoves the pin down in there and spins it around. I've told her it's dangerous, but she won't listen."


17."My partner is a nurse, and she'll randomly check my pulse and various other things about me without telling me. I catch her doing it sometimes; I fear I am some weird experiment to her."

A teal stethoscope lies on a textured surface; text celebrates it as a birthday gift

18."My partner moans with pleasure when he pees. The first few times, I laughed and maybe joked about it through the door, thinking he was just being silly. Four years in — nope, he just loves peeing so much that he moans with pleasure. I can't say I like it, but as long as he washes his hands after, I can live with it."


19.Last but not least: "I'm a big proponent of farting early in a relationship because it lets your significant other know that you're comfortable around them. My wife, on the other hand, hid her farts from me for years until recently. She had abdominal surgery, and afterward, she was full of gas, meaning she was going to be ripping ass for a while. I got home and was getting ready for bed when she looked at me with horror in her eyes and blasted ass louder and longer than I thought was humanly possible. Now, she'll get home from work, step in the house, and just blow me away with a monster fart she'd been saving just for me. I love her."

A couple sits in bed with a laptop and papers, looking concerned, in a scene from "This Is 40"
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Wow, I don't know about you guys, but my mind can't stop thinking about microwaved lettuce. If you're in a relationship, what's the most bizarre habit or routine your partner does that you've just learned to accept? Let me know in the comments, or you can anonymously submit using this form!