Courteney Cox Faces Backlash for Video of 'Flooding' in Los Angeles

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox didn't make the splash she hoped for with her latest social media post.

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, the Friends alum uploaded a video to her Instagram grid, which appeared to be generated using an artificial intelligence (AI) filter.

In it, the 59-year-old filmmaker and actress pretended to navigate hip-high waters inside her home while searching for her pup before making their escape to higher grounds—an armchair in the corner of her living room, where she then pretended to read a book. The video then cuts to a clip of Cox playing the piano underwater before acting like she was refilling her glass with the imaginary flood water.

"Finally getting used to the LA rain," she captioned the controversial post, referencing California's most recent threatening weather pattern that has "unleashed at least 475 mudslides in the Los Angeles" and dumped "more than half the amount of rainfall the city typically gets in a season in just two days," per The Associated Press.

Not all of Cox's followers seemed to appreciate her sense of humor, with some coming down on her hard in the comments.

"You do know that people have lost their homes due to floods, right?" one top-liked response read.

"As someone whose home was destroyed by hurricane flooding, I fail to see the humor in this, especially coming from a person of privilege," another wrote.

A third shared, "For someone whose house has flooded, this is not appreciated."

Someone else simply called the post "in poor taste."

Others were unbothered by it, suggesting the "silly" clip brought humor to a dark situation.

"Please never stop making your silly lil videos," quipped social media producer Alexander Goldschmidt.

"Our home was flooded during a hurricane and I am not offended by this post. It is creative and funny," a second suggested. "Stop imposing our issues on other people. She has a right to post what she wants, and you have a right to not watch."

"The internet is so sensitive now a days … it’s a funny video about bringing light to a dark situation going on. LAUGH PEOPLE," another exclaimed.

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