Cotton On's new sex toys sends shoppers into a spin: 'Thank you besties'

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Cotton On sex toys
Cotton On has released a new sex toy range.

Are you in the market for a new toy? 

You’ll now be able to purchase one at the same store where you buy your jeans and dresses.

Cotton On has set the internet on fire with their Facebook and Instagram posts showcasing their new collection of vibrators.

Since February of this year, the retail giant has been stocking and selling these self-love toys, but last week was their first time advertising them on social media. 

And apparently, despite the vibes lurking at the back of the website for months, they’ve seemingly been overlooked. 

Social media post goes viral

Most people online are expressing that this is the first they’ve heard of it.

“I am shocked!” was one comment on the post, as was another reading, “Is this what I think it is?”


Cotton On’s social media post read, “Treat yourself. Text your BFF. Yes, we’re serious”, alongside two photos of a variety of pastel-coloured vibrators.

Cotton On is one of several retailers to start selling bedroom accessories, with David Jones releasing a sexual wellness collection in November of this year.

As barriers continue to break over the ‘taboo’ of self-pleasure, we expect to see more stores get on board with similar ranges. Everybody deserves to have some fun!

The Instagram and Facebook posts blew up with likes and comments. Photo: Cotton On
The Instagram and Facebook posts blew up with likes and comments. Photo: Cotton On

If you’re interested in picking a new toy up, you’ll find the range under the ‘Self love & good vibes range’, which has a pop-up informing you the page contains sex-related products before you see the collection.

The goods behind the pop-up include vibrators, lube, and lingerie. 

Currently, the Self Love collection is an online exclusive.

Their range includes:

Vush Vibrator from Cotton On
Vush Vibrators - $150. Photo: Cotton On

Vush Vibrator range, $150.00

Fun fact: the Vush Majesty 2 vibrator was featured in Cardi B’s music video for ‘Up’. 

Vush is an innovative self-love brand focusing on making sexual wellness a more mainstream part of life. 

As it reads on their website, “We’re for the beginners, for the nervous, for the curious, for the brave... we’re working to change the conversation around sexual wellness for you”.

The Romantic Smile Makers vibrator from Cotton On

Smile Makers Vibrators, $69.95 - $119.95

Smile Makers realised that many women are nervous about buying self-love tools and are unwilling to go into a sex store. 

They sell their bedroom accessories purely on beauty and wellness online stores so that everyone feels comfortable purchasing one. 

Their fun range is latex-free, 100% body-safe and cute to boot. 

All their toys are uniquely designed to help you get the most out of your R&R sesh.

The Vush Pop range from Cotton On

Vush Pop Vibrators, $55-$85

You may have seen the TV advertisement for this range lately - it’s been dominating late night spots and our social media feeds. 

The Pop range is discreet, petite, baby pink toys that easily slip into the back of your suitcase or nightstand.

What do people have to say?

As with any well-loved brand pushing the envelope, the response has been massive and overwhelmingly positive. 

On Facebook, the post has racked up over 5.5 thousand likes, 3.9 thousand shares and an insane 12 thousand comments.

People praised Cotton On for normalising intimacy and self-pleasure. Photo: Cotton On
People praised Cotton On for normalising intimacy and self-pleasure. Photo: Cotton On

On Instagram, the amount of likes isn’t displayed, but it’s clearly in the thousands and has over 4.3 thousand comments.

“I LOVE how bold this move is. Self love and self care is a HIGH VIBRATIONAL activity. Thank you besties!” One Instagram user enthusiastically gushed.

“Y’all understood the assignment,” commented another, referencing the popular TikTok trend.

“Thank you for helping normalise self pleasure,” said another social media follower.

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