Costco's New Burger Kits Are Dividing the Internet

Costco's New Burger Kits Are Dividing the Internet

Costco's rotisserie chicken has long been a staple for anyone looking for a cheap and easy dinner. But the warehouse is always adding affordable ready-to-eat options, and its latest addition is already getting interesting feedback on social media.

Earlier this month, shoppers began spotting pre-cooked Bacon Cheddar Burger Kits at Costco. The packaged kits are loaded with nearly everything you need to whip up a burger in a flash.

The kit costs $6.49 per pound and includes cooked ground beef patties (with bacon pieces), cheddar slices, burger sauce, sliced tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, and red onions. But what you won't find are hamburger buns. Thankfully, Costco has plenty of those.

The new burger kit has garnered a shocking amount of attention online. Laura of @costcohotfinds said she was "blown away" by the burgers, and her video review has received nearly 11 million views.

Most people in the comments section of the Instagram video had concerns about cross-contamination in the container, but many users confirmed that the burger patties are in fact pre-cooked.

A thread about the burger kit on Reddit has already received over 300 comments. Although Reddit users didn't have the same concerns as those on Instagram, they did have a lot of other problems with the burger kit. And we mean a lot.

One person flat out declared that "they look nasty," while others pointed out how dry the burgers can potentially get since they need to be heated.

"Dude, reheated beef is awful. Warmed over flavor tastes like wet dog. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen," one user announced.

A few people also mentioned that the veggies in the kit may not be able to stay fresh for too long.

"I doubt the pre-sliced onions and tomatoes are going to last more than a day," read one comment.

Who knew a burger kit could be so controversial?

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