Costco's Brand New Food Court Item Has Shoppers Wishing It Was Available at Every Location

Costco Warehouse

Every dedicated Costco fan at one point or another has learned the unfortunate truth that warehouse locations outside of the country tend to have food court items that are nowhere to be found on American menus. Of course, this also happens within international fast-food restaurant chains, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise in the case of our beloved Costco food court.

However, where things get a little dicey is when an international Costco menu features a rather American dish that is otherwise not available in the states. Such is the case for Costco’s Canadian locations, as fans of the popular bulk warehouse have discovered a basket of chicken strips and french fries taking place on their local food court menu.

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News of the new menu offering quickly hit the web as one customer shared a photo of their local Costco food court menu donning the new appetizing addition to Reddit. Located right next to the ever-familiar $1.50 hot dog combo, pepperoni pizza and large chocolate chip cookies is a delicious looking basket of chicken strips and french fries. Customers who are lucky enough to live in Canada can snag four chicken strips and fries for $6.99, and they’re being referred to as “the best thing on the menu” by locals themselves.

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“I wanted to hear that they were bad so I felt better about not having them [in the US],” one disappointed Costco fan wrote. And in response to being told that the chicken strips are deep fried rather than baked, the same customer joked, “Yeah I don't think they are going to install deep fryers in all US Costco's, I guess I gotta move to Canada.”

Putting such a popular American meal exclusively on the Canadian menu is an interesting move by the Costco powers that be. Chicken strips are certainly having their moment here in the states, but have they ever not been popular here? And with brands like Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen and more putting extensive focus on their chicken strip game, it makes you wonder why Costco didn’t just make them available in the states as well. Let’s see how long things last before the American market gets what we are all now craving.

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