Costco's All-American Fudge Cakes Are Making A Triumphant Return

Interior Costco bakery section
Interior Costco bakery section - Cassiohabib/Shutterstock

As members of the beloved warehouse retail chain are fully aware, everything's bigger at Costco. Along with the store's substantial bulk products, baked goods at the chain are known for their impressive size (just consider Costco's massive six-pound cherry cheesecake). Equally impressive are a bakery offering that's not so huge: Costco's chocolate all-American mini cakes with fudge icing, and they recently found their way back to store shelves after an extended hiatus. A TikTok from CostcoHotFinds illustrates just how remarkable these little cakes truly are.

Past iterations of Costco's mini cakes included raspberry, lemon, and caramel apple. While the all-American mini chocolate cakes are all by their lonesome this time around, their reemergence has caused delight among Costco members with an insatiable sweet tooth. As excitedly stated by one commenter on the TikTok post heralding their return, "Are they back???? Omgggg they are." Despite their diminutive descriptor, these cakes pack quite a punch in the size department, especially when you consider their relatively reasonable price.

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What To Expect From Costco's Massive Mini Cakes

Costco all-American mini chocolate cakes
Costco all-American mini chocolate cakes - James Fallon/Facebook

New baked goods, such as Costco's peanut butter pie, are typically met with quite a lot of enthusiasm from members. While the chocolate all-American mini cakes with fudge icing aren't necessarily new, they still have shoppers celebrating. Costco customers can snag six mini cakes for $8.99, and each cake features ample fudge icing, as well as shavings of chocolate to hammer home the chocolatey goodness of this rich dessert.

While they're mini cakes, they're larger than cupcakes: Each cake has a diameter measuring 3 ½ inches. Keep in mind that the standard size for your average cupcake is about 2 ½ inches in diameter. These baby cakes are also quite hefty, with estimates that they weigh approximately a half pound. If you feel like that's a lot of cake for one person, you're not alone. As one fan commented on TikTok, "Perfect sweet treat! I would eat half."

As for where to find Costco's all-American mini cakes, the creator of the TikTok clip found theirs at a Nashville location. It's not clear whether the dessert is available at all locations, price may vary, and there's also no guarantee that it will become a permanent bakery fixture. Costco members often pine for discontinued products, including the original full-sized all-American chocolate cake. Accordingly, chocolate lovers should probably act fast.

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