Costco Is Selling a 17-Piece All-In-One Egg Cooker and Fans Are Calling It 'The Best'

Egg cookery might not seem all that complicated (how hard can it be to crack a couple of eggs, right?), but there’s a reason it’s one of the first places to start when you’re a beginner in the kitchen. Not only are eggs readily available and relatively inexpensive, but they’re also incredibly versatile. You can try your hand at omelets, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and hard-boiled eggs, just to name a few.

Chefs also appreciate the versatility of an egg. In fact, a common piece of French culinary mythology says that a chef’s toque, the tall cylindrical hat that chefs wear, has 100 pleats to represent 100 different ways to cook an egg. While we can’t verify the validity of that particular piece of culinary lore, we can confirm that there are seemingly endless ways to whip up eggs and that the final dish can vary wildly depending on the skill of the cook.

Luckily for home cooks, there's Costco, where you can pick up a Dash 17-Piece All-In-One Egg Cooker to help you cook your eggs perfectly every time. Spotted by @costcohotfinds, the all-inclusive egg-cooking gadget can cook up a dozen hard or soft-boiled eggs. But that's not all. The set also includes a piping bag and nine decorating tips, so you can make delicious deviled eggs in a flash.



In the mood for a different kind of egg? This breakfast workhorse can make seven poached eggs or one omelet, and its two-tiered set-up means you can even toss a couple of veggies into the machine to steam along with the eggs. But how much does it cost to get your very own countertop short-order cook? You can find yours in-store at Costco for $16.99 or online for two dollars more.

Fans were quick to share their many hot takes on the eggs-cellent (pun intended) product in the Instagram comments, with most people reporting being incredibly happy with their purchase. “Best small appliance ever! Love mine!” said one person. “I only use mine for hard-boiled, and they are magic! It's very easy to clean, too,” shared another.

Among the raves was one minor quibble from one shopper. “I love this little thing, but the buzzer is insanely loud,” they said. Fortunately, the issue seems to have been resolved. Laura, the creator behind @costcohotfinds, responded to the comment by saying, “This one is a fun little song 🎶 😆”

With Easter on the horizon, now is a great time to grab this gadget, but even if eggs aren’t your thing Costco is guaranteed to have just the thing you didn’t know you needed, like Tajin-coated gummy bears or a spring-themed mini waffle maker.

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