The Costco Magazine We Didn't Even Know Existed

Costco Connection printed editions
Costco Connection printed editions - ZikG/Shutterstock

As a Costco member, there are plenty of perks to enjoy along with the obvious savings that the bulk retailer promises. If the exclusive food court offering $1.50 hot dogs, free in-store samples of popular products, and even cheaper-priced gas wasn't enough to justify the cost of a membership, we recently discovered that Costco also offers an entire magazine full of recipes, product descriptions, and insightful write-ups. The magazine, called Costco Connection, can be found online. As an added benefit to those with an executive Costco membership, a free print copy of each edition is mailed to their homes every month.

The magazine covers a wide variety of topics such as health, beauty, entertainment, hosting tips, expert write-ups, and recommendations on how to get the most out of Costco's products and services. In the April 2024 edition alone, members and non-members alike can find gardening tips, articles on storage solutions, time management advice for remote workers, and insight that soars above and beyond what you could find while wandering the aisles of a Costco warehouse. For many, Costco Connection acts as much more than a place to discover new products: It can also serve as a genuinely entertaining and informative form of digital media.

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Costco Connection Has Been Around For Decades

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Costco Connection began as a printed newspaper-style publication in 1987. Ten years later, it transformed into a full magazine with features from buyers, recipes that featured products exclusive to Costco, and much more for members to peruse. Now averaging 140 pages per issue, Costco Connection is delivered to 14.3 million members each month, according to CNN. Its subscriber base continues to grow as the company promotes its executive membership, making it the fourth most popular magazine in the United States. In addition to Costco Connection's high volume of readers, the magazine also has quite an influence over Costco's profits. A 2017 survey conducted by market research firm GfK MRI reported that over half of Costco Connection's readers were influenced to buy a product because it was featured in the company's magazine, as reported by CNN.

While non-members aren't allowed to eat at Costco's food court or wander through their extra-large aisles, they can now access the Costco Connection publication without paying an annual membership fee. The popular magazine can be found online, where members of all tiers and non-members can read up on Costco's shopping tips and best deals. You can also find editions of Costco Connection from years past, thanks to its digital archives.

What's In Costco's Magazine?

Shopper walks down Costco aisle
Shopper walks down Costco aisle - Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to Statista, Costco has just under 128 million annual membership holders as of 2023, with numbers steadily growing each year for the past decade. As the popular retailer pushes for even more membership sign-ups in the coming years, its online magazine may play a part in convincing non-members to join its ranks. With Costco Connection migrating from print copies mailed exclusively to executive members each month to an online publication that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, it offers potential customers a peek at its wares. By allowing non-members to browse offerings, it acts as a type of advertisement for memberships by showcasing the deals and high-quality products that await inside the warehouse.

The Treasure Hunt section of the magazine is particularly interesting, considering how exclusive Costco is with its ever-rotating inventory. This page highlights member favorites, ranging from branded clothing to homeware, and even exclusive Costco Travel offerings. Not only does this round-up of hidden gems and popular products allow members to note which items customers love before they actually start their shopping, but it also allows non-members a sneak behind the curtain at the deals that await them if they decide to become a member. Knowing they cannot snag these deals online or in-store until they become a member, browsing Costco Connection might just be the thing that keeps Costco's membership numbers steadily rising.

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