Costco Just Dropped a New Sweet and Spicy Treat, and It's One You’ll Want to Snatch Up Now

When was the last time you went to Costco and didn’t leave with a jumbo sized package of your favorite snack? It’s almost as if it’s a right of passage, except you exercise that right with each and every visit. And why not? The popular bulk warehouse club is known to release plenty of fan-favorite snacks and price them in such a way that you forget you were buying in bulk in the first place. Next thing you know, you're back home with a pack of nine 48-ounce cups of edible cookie dough wondering when you’ll find the time to eat it all.

The fact of the matter is, some deals are just too good to pass up. Like the Snak Club Tajín Chili and Lime Seasoned Gummy Bears, which are now being sold in 24- 1-ounce bags for just $12.49.

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Spotted originally by Angela at Costco Guide and shared to Instagram to spread the word online, these Tajín coated gummies are a chili and lime twist to any gummy bear lover's dreams. And as we all know, when you find your snack of choice in bulk and sitting right in front of you, it's a hard scenario to walk away empty handed.

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“I loved those when I got them,” one satisfied shopper replied to Angela’s post. “Perfect snack size too.” Another chimed in to say how they prefer the “watermelon ones,” however, they did express enjoying how chewy the gummies were, noting that they “bought them specifically for that.”

Whether you’re a die hard Haribo fan or willing to try something new, this Snak Club offering is both gluten free and vegan so it might be worth a try for many. Costco is also selling a 24-ounce bag of Tajín Chili and Lime Seasoned Peach Rings for $7.49, for those interested in braving further down the Tajín-gummy rabbit hole. But do be careful; It’s an uncharted road with plenty of flavorful twists and turns waiting ahead.

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