Costco Just Dropped a Brand New Bakery Item, and Fans Say It's 'the Best'

It’s not uncommon to make your biweekly trip to Costco, list in hand, ready to grab everything you need and not a single thing more. But then suddenly, a giant bag of Tajín-coated gummy bears somersaults its way into your already overflowing cart—effectively ruining your meticulously prepared grocery list for good.

Not only is your shopping list pretty much null and void the moment you cross the bulk grocer’s threshold, but you might want to add a buffer to your budget, too. You know, just in case any rogue giant Easter bunnies are flying around. As futile as our list and budget-making efforts may be, it’s impossible not to drop by the warehouse-style grocer—even if it’s just to check out what’s new on offer in the bakery section—and we unapologetically do so often.

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From massive triple chocolate cream pies to legendary loaves of Kirkland Signature banana bread, the chain’s baked goods have been known to generate quite the buzz. And the latest ‘light and fluffy” offering has fans racing to their nearest warehouse.

Aside from pastries and pies, of course, the pâtissiers of Costco happen to know their way around a good loaf of bread (or two), and Laura Lamb of the ever-popular super-fan account @costcohotfinds spotted a set of hearty new Multigrain Loaves at her local store that look as good as they reportedly taste.

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The deep golden brown loaves of bread are studded with a mixture of sunflower, golden flax and sesame seeds—as well as fragrant and nutty oats. Slicing through the bread’s deeply caramelized exterior gives way to a tender interior with a beautiful open crumb texture, making this the perfect bread for toast or sandwiches. And even if you enjoy it simply slathered with delicious French butter, the little pockets of air inside offer plenty of nooks and crannies for the butter to find its way into, making this a transcendent bite all on its own.

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The gorgeous loaves can be found in packs of two for $7.99, but prices and availability may vary by location, so it’s worth checking with your local Costco before you add this to your grocery list (if you even bother to make one, that is). It’s worth noting that although this may be a new bread offering for some, a few users reported having this at their local warehouse for some time, with one saying, “My Costco in PA has had this for years and years, all year round. It is the best!”

If you’re still not convinced, all it takes is one scroll through the comments section for firsthand reviews and recipe ideas from shoppers who have already gotten their hands on a couple of the stunning loaves.

“My favorite bread 🥖 honestly is the best 👌,” said one person. “We make French toast with this bread 😋,” recommended another person. Of course, if you aren’t fortunate enough to find these delicious loaves at your local Costco, there are sure to be plenty of other deliciously carby options available for you to choose from, and we’re sure they’ve got even more on the way.

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