Costco’s Fan-Favorite Food Court Treat Is Back After 6 Years

And even better than before.



You might visit Costco for the monthly deals and new bakery goodies, but you stay for the food court. There’s nothing like a hearty hot dog or warm chocolate chip cookie to reward you for your hard work navigating the warehouse store.

Unfortunately, Costco recently said goodbye to a menu favorite, the cinnamon churros. But, in its absence, a fan-favorite treat just returned to the menu, and it’s guaranteed to make your shopping trip even sweeter.

If you love the Costco vanilla ice cream, plain or topped with sundae fixings, we have good news. The same creamy, silky, irresistibly tasty soft-serve now comes in a chocolate flavor.

Now, if this treat sounds familiar, that's because it is. Back when Costco served frozen yogurt from the counter, you could get vanilla, chocolate, and swirled flavors. However, in 2018, the chocolate fro-yo was replaced with an acai bowl, much to the dismay of customers.

In 2020, when the warehouse store made the switch to serving soft-serve ice cream instead, vanilla was the only flavor available, with strawberry and chocolate toppings to change up the taste.

Strawberry ice cream flavor had a short and successful stint on the menu in 2023, but now it's being replaced with another staple flavor: chocolate.

“Chocolate ice cream is BACK!!!!!!! It’s been gone forever!!!!!!! And now it’s BACK!!!!” one fan rejoiced.

Now, this won’t be the exact same soft serve you remember from the past, but it might be even better. Why? Because ice cream is made with cream, while frozen yogurt is made with cultured milk. This gives the ice cream a smoother, creamier, and more satisfying taste.

“It’s like a custard from Culvers,” said one creator.

But, what’s even more exciting than the flavor itself is the brand-new sundae you can make with it. Fans are saying that the chocolate base adds a whole new dimension to the usual strawberry sundae and “tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries.”

The best part? The giant chocolate-strawberry treat is just $2.49. “Ordering at the Costco food court never fails to make my jaw drop whenever I see the receipt. I seriously can’t get over their inexpensive prices,” said one fan on Instagram.

“I'm just happy I can have a chocolate/vanilla swirl again from Costco,” shared another.

Whether you order it plain or strawberry-sauced, the new chocolate ice cream is the perfect treat for you and your Costco crew to finish off a shopping day well done.

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