Costco Is Changing Its Food Courts In A Big Way, And Shoppers Are Not Happy

Costco food court line
Costco food court line - Helen89/Shutterstock

On the Costco subreddit, one Costco member in South Korea shared a change at their warehouse food court that has some other members expressing concern. The user, pabo81, shared a picture of their food court with all of its sit-down tables replaced with four-foot-high, standing-only tables. "My Costco food court replaced the tables with standing-only monstrosities," they wrote. Pointing out that these tables are prohibitive for families with small children, the user described having to prop up one of their legs on the table's crossbar so that they could balance their ice-cream eating toddler.

Others chimed in, pointing out that the change isn't just an imposition for families with small children. The elderly, people with disabilities, and anyone who navigates public space differently are all affected. One user, butiamsotired, said that they had recently undergone brain surgery. Because they were still getting their balance, they noted that "there's no way I could navigate standing and eating right now."

According to other Costco members from around the world, the South Korea location isn't the only one to have introduced standing tables. Members in British Columbia and Osaka, Japan said they'd seen the same tables at their Costco food courts. In their cases, however, the standing tables were in addition to the regular sit-down tables, which, according to those users, haven't gone anywhere.

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Other Costco Locations Have Made The Switch

Standing-only tables at a South Korea Costco
Standing-only tables at a South Korea Costco - Reddit

While many shoppers weren't happy with the reported changes, other Reddit commenters saw the replacement of sit-down tables with standing-only ones in a different light. They cited their experiences with diners at Costco lingering after they'd finished their food, preventing others from sitting down to eat their Costco pizza or all-beef hot dogs. The practice can even force employees to stay late at their jobs. "Some members like to sit at the table for an hour after the warehouse is closed, and the managers have to stand there and watch them," wrote one user.

To these commenters, the point of the standing tables were to get diners in and out quickly. However, many of them believed there still needed to be places for families, the disabled, and the elderly to sit in the food court.

The original poster mentioned going to customer service with their issue. They didn't say anything about management's stated reason for the replacement (or if any was provided). While some warehouses may be bringing in the standing tables in addition to their sit-down tables, it appears that only this Costco location in South Korea has completely swapped them out. The discontent this change has created, though, may prompt the company to reconsider.

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