This Costco Bakery Cookie Is The Best Of The Best

oatmeal, chocolate and cranberry cookies
oatmeal, chocolate and cranberry cookies - Static Media / Shutterstock

If you love cookies, then you may already know that Costco has its cookie game on lock. It's easy to assume that a bulk behemoth wouldn't know much about crafting moreish cookies, yet Costco somehow manages to pull it off with products that are not only fresh and delectable but also reasonably priced.

Costco's bakery has an assortment of cookies on offer, including oatmeal raisin, chocolate chunk, white chocolate cranberry, white chocolate, and, of course, white chocolate macadamia nut. They all have their own punches to write home about, but for better or for worse, there can only be one that gets the number one spot. Mashed writer Brianna Corley did the noble nitty-gritty work of sampling Costco's cookies and comparing them all according to consistency, taste, texture, and freshness to find out which one is the best of the best. Besides her own ranking, we also searched the web for reviews and thoughts about which cookie is the best. It always came back to the same one, and that's Costco's chocolate chunk cookie.

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Chocolate chunk or chip cookie
Chocolate chunk or chip cookie - Brianna Corley/Mashed

Nothing hits quite like the chocolate chunk cookie from Costco's bakery. This cookie is perfect in so many ways. It's got the ideal crunch on the outside and a soft, chewy center. What makes these cookies the crème de la crème is probably the fact that they are loaded with glorious shards of chocolate instead of chips.

Unlike your basic chocolate chip cookies, Costco takes it a step further by using larger, irregularly shaped chunks of chocolate for these baked pieces of goodness. The most noticeable difference with this component may come from the proportion of ingredients. Chocolate chips generally contain a lot less cocoa butter and more emulsifiers such as lecithin. These emulsifiers prevent the chips from losing their form throughout the baking process, but they don't exactly add a favorable taste or texture, unlike the larger chunks. Broken-up chocolate bits, on the other hand, are enriched with cocoa butter and have less lecithin. This difference in ingredient ratios gives the cookies a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth feel with every morsel and may help put Costco's chocolate chunk treats at the top spot.

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