Aussie couple forced to postpone big day due to COVID-19 go viral with 'practice' snaps

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With government restrictions now in place limiting weddings to just five people, brides and grooms all over the country have been forced to put their big day on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, one Perth couple didn’t want to let their date go past without marking it in some way and now their ‘practice’ wedding photos have gone viral, leaving them with a treasured memory to look back on in years to come.

Couple getting married wearing face masks
Terezia Cukrov and Anthony Marchesani were due to tie the knot on March 20. Photo: Rolling Stills Photogrpahy
Couple on a floral stage in their bride and groom outfits and face masks
The florals were already ordered so instead of saying 'I do' they had a practice run. Photo: Rolling Stills Photogrpahy

Terezia Cukrov and Anthony Marchesani were forced to put their plans on ice just 72 hours before they were due to say ‘I do’ on March 20th.

The florist, Annalese from Signature Floral Designs, was on her way back from the wholesalers market with a van laden down with beautiful blooms when she got the call from Taz letting her know that there would be no wedding.

“I received the call I was dreading from Taz. ‘Looks like I’m getting a house full of flowers instead’. I’m like ‘right, hang on, let’s think this through, let’s think outside of the box, what can we do , I do not want to rock up to your house, unload a pile of flowers and leave.... how depressing will that be!’,” Annalese wrote on Instagram.

Bride holding colourful flowers wearing a face mask
Taz and Marcho made the best out of a bad situation. Photo: Rolling Stills Photography

A quick thinking Annlese rang her favourite venue The Flour Factory, just a few days before they were forced to temporarily close their doors, and Heart Strings Hire and Style wedding and event furniture hire and styling for their little round stage and she turned the space into a beautiful wedding wonderland.

Ange Butler from Rolling Stills Photography then got me onboard and they spent two hours shooting with the incredible backdrop with Taz and Marcho donning a face and gas mask for the occasion.

Floral stage
Annalese from Signature Floral Designs, set the whole thing up. Photo: Rolling Stills Photography
Bride and Groom colourful wedding photos
Taz and Marcho now have these photos to last a lifetime. Photo: Rolling Stills Photography

Taz also decided to wear her Jonte gown, which was supposed to be a surprise reception gown on the day.

“I felt like it was a great idea as they could express how they had been feeling about the whole situation unfolding around them. The masks were a powerful juxtaposition against such a beautiful scene,” Ange told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Ange, who shot Taz and Marcho’s ‘practice run’, is scheduled to shoot the couple’s wedding day, which has now been postponed until next year.

“It’s not something that we’ve experienced and really that our parents have experienced, (we will tell our children that) it probably changed the world in a lot of aspects, and hopefully for the better, that’s my personal view,” Taz told AAA.

“At the end of the day, your health and the people around you and their health is really the most important thing.”

Bride in her wedding dress surrounded by purple flowers
Taz wore a Jonte gown, which was supposed to be her surprise reception dress. Photo: Rolling Stills Photography

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