'Heartbreaking': Grandpa and newborn grandson 'meet' amid COVID-19 social distancing

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A new father was forced to get creative when it came to introducing his newborn son to his own dad amid the current world-wide push for people to practice social distancing due to coronavirus.

A photo of the ‘heartbreaking’ meeting shows the proud grandpa gazing lovingly at his 10-day-old grandson, Faolán, through a window outside his son Míchéal Gallachoir’s Dublin, Ireland home.

Míchéal later told TODAY that when Faolán arrived on March 14, he and his wife were advised by hospital staff to self-isolate. That meant that his elderly father who lived just a few minutes away wouldn’t be able to hold the tot but nevertheless popped around for a viewing.

When Baby Faolán’s aunty, Emma Gallachoir, shared the touching pic on Twitter on Sunday Míchéal ‘didn't think too much of it’ until it went viral, racking up near 720k likes at the time of publishing.

“Three generations of social distancing as my dad meets his grandson for the first time,” Míchéal's sister, Emma wrote in the caption.

Twitter users from around the globe shared their reactions to the bittersweet moment.

“I know this is a joyous occasion, and congrats to you, but at the same time, it's heartbreaking to see the look on your father's face,” wrote one.

“I bawled, beautiful and sad at the same time,” said another.

“Thank you for posting this. I’m expecting my first baby very soon and have been absolutely dreading this,” one parent-to-be revealed.

To which Emma replied:

“I’m so sorry! It’s a scary time but I hope all goes well for you and that you get all the love and support you need (even if it’s through a window) x.”

Baby Faolán is 'doing great' says aunty Emma. Photo: Twitter/emmabethgall.
Baby Faolán is 'doing great' says aunty Emma. Photo: Twitter/emmabethgall.

She also provided updates on both grandpa and grandson via two follow-up tweets, saying that both are ‘doing well’ amid their ‘new fame’.

“Thanks everyone for your lovely messages! The good news is baby Faolán is doing great and oblivious to his new fame. Also Faolán is my nephew and it is my brother Míchéal holding him. His Mammy (whose name is also Emma) took the picture.”

“My dad is also doing well and is completely oblivious to his new fame he wouldn’t let me take a pic of him but he’s smiling! My brother lives about 2 minutes away from him so he went up to say hello. He knew he couldn’t come in. He is looking forward to holding the baby soon.”

Emma also assured those keen to see the grandfather and grandson’s first proper meeting that she’d ‘make sure to post the first cuddle pics!!’

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